34 Istanbul

Book travel in Haydarpaşa

Book journey in Haydarpaşa: The opening of the Book Days, which moved to the Haydarpaşa Station this year, took place. The readers who attended the event visited the stands on the one hand, and sat on the wagons and read books on the other. Kadıköy Municipality Kadıköy Book Days organized with his volunteers [more…]

33 France

Metro workers also joined the strike in France

In France, metro workers also joined the strike: Strikes in France against the changes the government is trying to make in the labor law continue to grow. As of this morning, Paris metro employees have also started work stoppages. Foreseeing the extension of working hours [more…]

06 Ankara

DTD, UDHB Undersecretary Özkan Poyraz visited in his office

DTD, UDHB Undersecretary Özkan Poyraz Visited at His Office: DTD visited Undersecretary of the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Özkan Poyraz in his office. During the meetings, the issues of "registration fee" and "renewal of registration", which have been on the agenda especially recently, were brought to the agenda. [more…]

965 Kuwait

Limak won the giant tender in Kuwait

Limak won the giant tender in Kuwait: Limak Construction won the tender for the construction of the Kuwait International Airport New Terminal with a bid of 4,3 billion dollars. Contract with the Kuwait Ministry of Public Works for the contract of the project, which will have a capacity of 25 million passengers. [more…]


Electricians Drowned in Electric Current

Worker Caught by Electric Current in YHT Construction Dies: 22-year-old Mahmut Çekiç, Working in the High Speed ​​Train (yht) Construction in Sivas, Yıldızeli District, Lost His Life as a Result of Electric Shock. Working in the construction of High Speed ​​Train (YHT) in Yıldızeli district of Sivas 22 [more…]


Tcdd Overpass Junction Project

Tcdd Overpass Bridge Intersection Project Layed On The Table: Çankırı Municipality held an informative meeting about the TCDD Overpass Bridge Intersection Project. At the meeting held at Çankırı Municipality Women's Education and Culture Center, the application project was presented and the advantages the project will bring to the city [more…]

33 France

Metro and Tram Suit Trabzon

Metro and Tram Suit Trabzon: Trabzon team examined Paris in every aspect from its streets to its transportation. The Trabzon delegation, which participated in the Kadırga Festival, organized jointly by the Paris Trabzon Association and Paris Ağasar Association, made observations in Paris ... In this team, Trabzon Governor [more…]


RayHaber 02.06.2016 Tender Bulletin

Elazig Station Building Landscaping Combining Firat Station Commercial Ramp Wall and Building Ground with Concrete Transformation of the tractor into a rail vehicle (TÜVASAŞ) Simulation for Optimization of the Izmir Suburb Catenary Feeding System Service Will Be Taken Horizontal and [more…]

34 Istanbul

Book days started at Haydarpaşa Station

Book days started at Haydarpaşa Station: The 8th Book Days, held at the historical Haydarpaşa Train Station, started. Book Days, where interviews and events will take place with over a hundred publishing houses and 600 authors, will continue until Sunday evening, June 5th. Book Days. this [more…]


The first asphalting and first flag on the Osman Gazi Bridge

The first asphalting and the first flag on the Osman Gazi Bridge: The asphalting works have started on the Osman Gazi Bridge, which will provide the Izmit Bay Crossing, which is the most important part of the Gebze-Orhangazi-Izmir highway project that will reduce the road between Istanbul and Izmir to 3,5 hours. On the other hand construction [more…]

995 Georgia

Georgia Railway Administration 64. Foundation Year Celebrated

Celebrating the 64th Anniversary of the Georgian Railway Administration: The 64th anniversary of the establishment of the Georgian Railways Administration was celebrated with a ceremony held in Tbilisi. While 10 countries took part in the 17th anniversary of the establishment of the Railways Administration, this time delegates from 180 countries were present at the ceremony. At the meeting [more…]

33 France

Railway workers also on strike in France

Railway workers are also on strike in France: While the fuel shortage in France within the scope of the new labor law protests continues, open-ended strikes started in public transport in the country. The French National Railways (SNCF) have been on an indefinite strike since last night. Due to strike [more…]

06 Ankara

Cable Car Exercise from Ankara Fire Station

Ankara Fire Brigade Exercise: Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Fire crews, Yenimahalle-Şentepe ropeway line did the exercise. Ankara Fire brigade, which has carried out successful works with fire fighting, search and rescue teams, is ready for all possible accidents with his exercises. [more…]

34 Istanbul

World should take Istanbul as an example

The world should take Istanbul as an example: Former Spanish Prime Minister Zapatero, who attended the opening of the Smart City Expo, which will last for three days, said, “Smart cities struggle for peace. The world should take Istanbul as an example ”Smart City Expo, bringing together international cities and technologies [more…]

256 Uganda

We will build a rail system in Uganda

We will make a rail system in Uganda: President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan made a speech for the third time in a day during his visit to Uganda during his contacts in Africa. Addressing businessmen, Erdogan said that Turkish entrepreneurs worked on rail systems and metro systems in Uganda. [more…]

34 Istanbul

Paid pedestrian crossing in Istanbul

Toll pedestrian crossing in Istanbul: It is real, not a joke. You pay to cross the street in Istanbul Bostancı. Those who want to use the subway underpass under the E5 Highway are confused. Because when you want to go from İçerenköy to Bostancı direction, you come across subway turnstiles. Security [more…]