The World Bank has praised in Turkey

The World Bank has praised to Turkey: World Bank, Turkey's 35,6 billion in the transportation sector-dollar Istanbul third airport and 6,4 billion Gebze-Izmir Motorway last year with 40 percent of the global investment absorbed by it, 44,7 billion dollar record [more…]


Tarsus Signature Campaign

Signature Campaign for Tarsus to Divide into Two: Reactions continue to the fact that the train line will divide the city into two with the high-speed train project of the State Railways in Tarsus district of Mersin. Train with high speed train project of State Railways in Tarsus district of Mersin [more…]

35 Izmir

Izmir's electric bus tender is ok

electric buses completely tender of Izmir: Turkey's first electric bus are determined to continue the ESHOT General Directorate to establish the fleet twice before canceled 20 "full-electric buses" concluded the tender. Tender for 8.8 million Euros [more…]

06 Ankara

Yes from Melih Gökçek's women's wagon survey

Yes, from Melih Gökçek's special wagon survey for women, Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Melih Gökçek asked his followers about the separate wagon for women in his Twitter poll. 52% of his followers said yes Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Melih Gökçek is at the Ankara Metro. [more…]


Let's Become a City, We Are Now Facing Division

While We Should Be a Province, We Are Now Facing with Division: In this, studies were carried out to make Tarsus a province 6-7 years ago. We understood that we call prayer amen, which will not happen when we say autograph campaigns, press releases or something. We ceased to be a province but now it is [more…]

81 Japan

Seikan, the world's longest railway tunnel

Seikan is the world's longest railway tunnel: The Seikan Tunnel, which connects two islands in Japan, is recorded as the longest railway tunnel in the world. One of the buildings where Japanese engineering and creativity is exhibited at the highest level [more…]


RayHaber 14.06.2016 Tender Bulletin

The Machinery Will Be Purchased To Be Used In The Road Renovation Work Will Be Purchased Fuel Will Be Purchased Washing, Repairing, Sandblasting and Painting Work (TÜLOMSAŞ) Expropriation Service of the Hatches of DE 22000-DE 33000 type Locomotives (TÜLOMSAŞ) Expropriation Service will be taken. [more…]

06 Ankara

Separate wagon for women on subway

Separate wagons for women in the Metro from Gökçek: Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Melih Gökçek asked if he would like to try the application of separate wagons for women in the Ankara Metro in a survey he started on social media. A big difference between those who say yes, let's try, and those who say no, let's not try [more…]

Intercity Railways

Overpass to Gaziantep OIZ

Overpass will be built in Gaziantep OIZ: A 2-meter overpass will be built on the railway line separating the 3nd and 420rd regions in Gaziantep Organized Industrial Zone, planned to be built on the railway line separating the 2nd and 3rd regions in the Gaziantep Organized Industrial Zone. [more…]

35 Izmir

Let the vehicle pass under the İZBAN line

Let the vehicle pass under İZBAN line:Karşıyakais one of the oldest settlements in the name of the Semikler Yunt Mountain and settled in the region 'Semik' is a Turkmen tribe called. After the 1950s in the neighborhood, one-storey houses built by immigrants from the Balkans were replaced. [more…]

35 Izmir

Sewer Water Pressed İZBAN Running Stop

Sewage Water Pressed İZBAN Running Stop: While the sewage water leaking from the exploding sewer pipe in İZBAN Running Stop is disturbing to the environment with its bad odor, it also causes passengers to fall down due to the slippery floor. Sewage leaking through the stairs to the lower floors [more…]


Artisan Destruction on Hafiz Major Street

Artisans Committed on Hafız Major Street: Hafız Binbasi Street on the tram route, demolition decision was made for the porches. Expired tradesmen have started to disassemble the porches by their own means To the end of the 2017 by the Metropolitan Municipality of Kocaeli [more…]

16 Bursa

Bus supplement for rail transportation in Bursa

Bus reinforcement for rail transportation in Bursa: Within the scope of Mudanya Junction renovation works, Bursaray trips between Acemler and Emek will not be made after 16 until Thursday, June 21.30. During the hours when the rail system is not working, citizens can use buses along the metro route. [more…]


Prospective Engineers Receive Practical Training in TÜDEMSAŞ

Candidates TÜDEMSAŞ Engineer in Training Practice Placements: Turkey Railway Machines Industry Corporation (TÜDEMSAŞ) faculty of engineering in the University of the Republic signed a protocol on students' educational resources. Collaboration of engineering faculty students after the theoretical training at the university [more…]