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1 Dead, 1 Injured In Cargo Train On Market

Cargo Train Hit the Car in Pazarcık 1 Dead, 1 Injured: 25-year-old Mahmut Ceren lost his life in the car hit by the freight train in the Pazarcık District of Kahramanmaraş, and the driver, 32-year-old Ahmet Şaşkara, was injured. The accident occurred at the exit of Pazarcık District. [more…]

Intercity Railways

Drivers from Train Accidents

Drivers Did Not Learn From Train Accidents: Despite the warning made minutes before the train passes at the level crossing in Diyarbakır, the drivers continued to pass through the crossing in an uncontrolled way. At grade level located at the junction of the three Kuyular hospital in Diyarbakır's central Kayapınar district [more…]

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Plane and High Speed ​​Ticket Prices

Plane and high-speed train ticket prices should be lowered: TESK Chairman Palandöken stated that air travel and high-speed train tickets should be reduced in order to support domestic tourism. Turkey Tradesmen and Artisans Confederation (TESK) Chairman Bendevi Palandöken, [more…]


RayHaber 22.06.2016 Tender Bulletin

Building Renovation Work (Sivas Loko Bak Atl Müd) Repair and cleaning of various locomotive junction boxes (TÜLOMSAŞ) Renewal of Various Glass on Roofs of TÜLOMSAŞ Locomotive Factory Alayunt -Balıkesir Line Maintenance-Repair at Various Stations Tırmıl-Mersin Port Connection Line [more…]

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The domestic producer flew to the 3rd airport: Istanbul's new airport construction continues at full speed. At the Third Airport, the localization rate increased to 80 percent. At every stage of the airport construction, the door of the local manufacturer is knocked first. 3 percent of Istanbul 80rd Airport is with domestic resources [more…]

Intercity Railways

Big response to clamps on mechanics

Great reaction to the handcuffs on the machinists: The handcuffing of the Van Lake Express drivers Burhan E. and Bekir Y., who were taken into custody, when they hit the minibus trying to cross the uncontrolled level crossing in Elazig last Monday. Completion of his statements at the Elazig Police Department [more…]

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A radical error in tram projects in Izmir

Izmir's tram projects a radical mistake: Konak and Karşıyaka city ​​planner Çınar Atay, who prepared a comprehensive report on tramways, stated that radikal radical error in the production, the project lacks public benefit İZ İZMİR Metropolitan Municipality [more…]

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Third Airport Project flew prices

Third Airport Project blows prices: The third airport project planned to be built in Istanbul has doubled the land prices in the region. Land prices, which were 80 lira per square meter before the project, rose to 300 lira. One of the biggest investments in the history of the Republic [more…]

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Accident in the Construction of Marmaray, 1 Dead

Accident in Marmaray Construction, 1 Dead: Worker Fikret Akçay, who was knocked over a concrete block during the railroad work within the scope of the Marmaray project in Kartal, died. The event was during the Marmaray railway work in Atalar Mahallesi Beyaz Köşk at 17.00:XNUMX. [more…]


KTU High Speed ​​Train Project

High Speed ​​Train Project from KTÜ: The "High Speed ​​Train" project prepared by Emre Can KAYA, a student of the Mechatronics Program, continues to be developed. KTU Sürmene Abdullah Kanca Vocational School Electrical and Energy Department Head Öğr. See. Dr. Under the consultancy of Ömür AKYAZI, [more…]

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Railways will no longer be safe and cheap

Railways will not be safe and cheap anymore: BTS members made a statement about the start of the privatization process of TCDD in front of Alsancak Station in Izmir. BTS members, who made a statement about the start of the privatization process of TCDD in front of Alsancak Station in Izmir, said TCDD is now safe, [more…]

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Chinese Gospel to Izmir

Chinese Gospel to Izmir: Consul General of the People's Republic of China, Liu Zengxian; he said, the companies operating in the fields of automotive, high-speed train and advanced technology will work to invest in İzmir and its surroundings. Consul General of the Republic of China Izmir Liu [more…]

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TCDD retirees met in Iftar meal in Bozuyuk

TCDD Retirees Meet at Iftar Dinner in Bozüyük: In Bilecik's Bozüyük district, Bilecik TCDD retirees came together with their families at an iftar dinner. TCDD retirees who attended the iftar dinner organized by the Association President, Remzi Waveç, both longed. [more…]


Gulf Bridge Passage Fee Reduced

Bay Bridge Pass Fee Has Been Discounted, Here is the Pass: Its price caused great controversy. The 121 TL toll for cars on the Osmangazi Bridge will be reduced to 90 TL. By shortening the transportation time between Istanbul and Izmir by 5.5 hours [more…]

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Citizens will pay the debt of Mega projects

Citizens will pay the debt of mega projects: The loan debts of the rich and businessmen are loaded to the Treasury. In the first stage, $ 3 billion debt of 8.6 large projects was written to the Treasury. There are billions of dollar projects next. Contractors' foreign loan debts are loaded to the Treasury. [more…]