Bus supplement for rail transportation in Bursa

Bus reinforcement to rail transportation in Bursa: Within the scope of the Mudanya Junction renovation works, Bursaray trips between Acemler and Emek will not be made after 16 until Thursday evening on June 21.30. During the hours when the rail system is not working, citizens will be able to travel smoothly by buses along the metro route.
The Metropolitan Municipality, aiming to complete the service roads until June 20, when the demolition works of the Mudanya intersection will start, accelerated the construction works of the bridge on the service road in the arrival direction of Izmir - Bursa. Within the scope of the works, while all measures are taken to minimize the impact of Bursaray voyages, due to the bridge construction, no voyages will be made between Acemler Emek until Thursday, June 16, after 21.30. Citizens getting off at the Novice station will be transported along the metro route by buses from this station. Citizens coming from Emek will also be transported by buses to Acemler station. With the completion of the bridge construction on the service road, rail transportation will return to normal again.


Günceleme: 30/11/2018 17:25

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