Yes from Melih Gökçek's women's wagon survey

Yes, it came out from Melih Gökçek's special wagon survey for women: Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Melih Gökçek asked his followers about a separate wagon for women in his Twitter poll. 52 percent of its followers said yes
Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Melih Gökçek made a questionnaire about whether to apply special wagons for women in Ankara Metro. Of the 79 thousand 574 people surveyed, 52 percent said "yes", 48 percent said "no". Evaluating the results of the survey, Gökçek said, "So we can try the wagon application for women in the subways .. Let's think a little more .. If we apply it, the Assembly decision is necessary".
Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Gökçek conducted a survey on Twitter yesterday.
Reminding that there is a separate wagon application in Japan to protect women from sexual assault, Gökçek said, “Japan applies separate wagons in the subway to protect women from harassment…” and asked his followers if a similar practice could be made in Ankara.
Gökçek said in his survey, "What do you think? ... Shall we try to apply separate wagons for women in Ankara Metro?" she asked.

The result of the survey initiated by Melih Gökçek yesterday has been announced.
79 thousand 574 people participated in the survey. While 52 percent of the participants said “yes” to the separate wagon application for women, 48 percent answered “no”.
Melih Gökçek made a statement about the results on Twitter after the survey. Gökçek said, “Our survey broke a historical record… The number of clicks on the survey was 631.567… The number of interactions was 177.848… This is a survey record. The number of voters in the survey is 79.574… Those who say yes is 52%… Those who say no is 48%… So… It is a fact that the left-wingers are intense on Twitter… Despite this, the acceptance is very significant with 52%… So we can try the wagon application for women in subways. Let's think more .. If we implement it, the decision of the Assembly is necessary .. Better ”he said.

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  1. In order to protect the citizens from the harassment of Melih Gökçek, let's make a separate WORLD for him so that he does not meet people again.