The World Bank has praised in Turkey

The World Bank has praised to Turkey: World Bank, Turkey's 35,6 billion in the transportation sector-dollar Istanbul third airport and 6,4 billion Gebze-Izmir Motorway last year with 40 percent of the global investment absorbed by it, 44,7 billion It was reported that 7 projects with a record dollar amount raised the bar with the financial closure.
The World Bank announced new data on Private Sector Participation in Infrastructure Projects.
the bank said in a written statement regarding the data, Turkey's 2015 billion dollars in 44,7, a record amount that has raised the bar with the 7 project's financial closing was expressed.
In the statement, which stated that 40 percent of global investment was absorbed with two mega deals in the transportation sector, the following was recorded:
“These are Istanbul's third airport with a cost of $ 35,6 billion (including a $ 29,1 billion concession fee to the state) and the $ 6,4 billion Gebze-Izmir Highway. However, global investment remained largely unchanged in 2015 compared to the previous year and amounted to $ 111,6 billion. Solar energy investments exceeded the average of the last five years by 72 percent, while renewable energy investments accounted for almost two-thirds of private sector investments.
"2015 was marked by mega projects"
The statement stated that last year the mega-stamp the deal, "attracted the most investment in 2015, the top five countries respectively Turkey, Colombia, Peru, the Philippines and Brazil have been. These five countries accounted for 74 percent of global commitments in the developing world with $ 66 billion. his opinion was included.
With the private sector infrastructure investments in solar energy increasing to $ 9,4 billion, renewable energy investments also came to the fore last year, and in general, renewable energy accounts for 63 percent of global investments and wind, hydro and geothermal energy resources are increasingly adopted. was recorded.
It is stated that the transportation sector has the highest commitment with 69,9 billion dollars, followed by energy and 34 percent with water and 4 percent, the energy sector has the highest number of 300 projects with 205 last year and water and sewage sectors.
The statement pointed out that the project sizes have increased in the last four years and said, “While the average project size reached its highest level until now with 2015 million dollars in 419,3, this indicates an increase in market confidence as project sponsors and lenders finance larger projects in smaller economies. In fact, 2015 was marked by mega deals and a record 40 projects exceeded $ 500 million. statements were included.
Clive Harris, World Bank Public-Private Partnerships Implementation Group Manager, said the data showed that investments in other emerging economies rose rapidly to $ 99,9 billion.
Stating that this means an increase of 92 percent on an annual basis, Harris made the following evaluations:
“11 of these countries made a commitment of at least $ 2015 billion in 1. This is a figure well above the previous years. Some countries such as El Salvador, Georgia, Lithuania, Montenegro, Uganda and Zambia are on the rise again after two years or more. Regionally, private sector infrastructure investment accelerated in Africa and Europe and Central Asia, but lagged behind in East Asia and the Pacific, Latin America and the Caribbean, Middle East and North Africa regions.

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