Artisan Destruction on Hafiz Major Street

Artisans Committed on Hafız Major Street: Hafız Binbasi Street on the tram route, demolition decision was made for the porches. Expired trades began to disassemble the porches by their own means
Izmit Hafiz Major Street is located on the 2017 kilometer route of the tram project which is announced to be completed by Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality until the end of 7. There are many cafes and restaurants in the street where Kocaeli Court House is located. Street tradesmen built and constructed sidewalks that were wide enough to obey the smoking ban. Within the scope of the tram project, tradesmen were negatively affected.
Without any change in the promotional film of the municipality, the street traders showed a great blow to the tram traders showed Hafız Binbasi. Prepared to continue along the street in the introductory film of the tram for the road expansion work was announced a while ago trades were announced. Within the scope of the works, the time given to the tradesmen has expired. The resident tradesmen began to dismantle the porches.

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