11 Buses are on duty together with Başkentray studies in July

11 In July, with the work of Başkentray, buses were on duty: EGO General Directorate, 11 made arrangements for suburban flights that could not be made for 18 months within the scope of the Temmuz Başkentray X works planned to start in July. 50 additional bus commissioned for thousands of Sincan, Etimesgut and Mamaklı not to be victimized
Within the scope of the "Başkentray" project, which is planned to start this month but is postponed after the feast in order to prevent citizens from having transportation problems in the month of Ramadan, commuter services running between Sincan and Kayaş will be canceled for approximately 11 months starting from July 18. With the cancellation of the suburbs, where approximately 50 thousand passengers are transported per day, thousands of passengers will be transported by buses.
Stating that 35 additional buses will be placed in Sincan and Etimesgut, and 15 additional buses in Kayaş, where the station density is the highest in the suburban line, EGO officials said, “When suburban services are closed, the time between the bus services by adding 50 buses to our existing bus lines in Sincan, Etimesgut and Kayaş. We tightened. As EGO, we have completed our preparations for the cancellation of suburban flights, where 50 thousand passengers are transported daily. We increased our precautions by making our preparations so that our citizens do not have problems with transportation. ”
With the completion of the Başkentray project, which has been built for many years, the Sincan-Kayaş Suburb will be upgraded to the subway standards. Within the scope of the project, it is aimed to raise the railway stations at the existing stations while planning to remove all level crossings on the route. Upon completion of the capital, Sincan-Kayaş will have an average of 15 million per year for passengers carrying 60 million.


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