Level Crossing Accident 7 Injured

Level Crossing Injury 7 Injured: 3's 7 injured in a traffic accident in a crossing at a crossing in Muş.

According to the information received, the vehicle with the number plate 06 BN 5784 on the way to Çiftlik from the central direction of Muş, rolled over while passing the level crossing around Hınıs District. A total of 3 people, 7 of whom were children, were injured in the vehicle, which was blown by the effect of a tumbling The injured citizens were taken to the Muş State Hospital with ambulances coming to the region after the first response was made at the scene.

The situation of the wounded was learned that the heavy, an investigation into the accident was launched.

The residents of the neighborhood, who argued that there were constant accidents in the area where the level crossing was located, reacted by stating that the authorities should correct the road as soon as possible. The residents of the neighborhood, who argued that the middle part of the road was built much higher than normal, said, “We run out of our house almost every day with the sound of an accident. This road has been recently repaired. However, the middle part of the road was made much higher than necessary. When the vehicles pass a little faster, they hit the bump in the middle of the road and for this reason, they lose control and are thrown. The height in the middle of the road caused the accident today. "This road must be brought up to standards immediately before other people are injured and other people die."

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