Hazardous Level Crossing in Efeler Semi-Automatic Barrier Installed

semi-automatic barrier installed
semi-automatic barrier installed

Turkey's most dangerous grade crossings located between Aydin Efeler to Soğukkuyu level crossings in town, semi-automatic barrier system was installed. The new system, which will warn the drivers during the passage of the train, will be activated next week.

In the crossing in the Orta Mahalle Soğukkuyu location, the manual barrier system had been used for years. When the level crossing guard passed the barrier arm, the system was constantly failing. Inviting accidents to the system, TC State Railways teams changed. The teams replaced the old system with a semi-automatic barrier system. The new system will be activated only when the crossing officer pushes the button before the train passes. The new system, which will stop the vehicle traffic with its barriers when it is operational, will alert the drivers with sound and light until the train passes. The semi-automatic barrier system will be activated next week. With the new system, the number of traffic accidents at the level crossing will decrease.

Thank change the drivers for the Republic of Turkey State Railways barrier system, "Drivers, could not understand the train coming because of the barrier system manually. So there was a risk that the train would crash into the vehicles. Barriers were also landing on the vehicles. We think that the semi-automatic barrier system will be effective in preventing these and similar accidents ”. (the Sesgazete)

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