YHT from the air also advantageous

YHT is also Advantageous from Land or Air: Haberexen Editor-in-Chief Mustafa Bilik, who attended the High Speed ​​Train (YHT) inspection trip organized by the Governorship of Samsun, evaluated YHT for you.

An airline will come to mind first of those who want to go to Ankara from Samsun and whose work is a bit in a hurry. However, plane hours and days between Samsun and Ankara will not suit your hurry. Because the flights, which are three days a week and one time round trip, are far from responding to the rush job. Moreover, it is important to remember that you have to reach the airport as soon as possible, and that your sleep hours will be upside down. Moreover, it takes less than three hours by plane from Ankara to Samsun, which takes 6-6 and half hours by road. You will be at the airport an hour before, one hour flight landing, departure ticket control, departure from the airport in Ankara. Moreover, these are upbeat estimates. It should be added that the weather conditions are favorable.

However, the high-speed train between Ankara and Konya offers the opportunity to travel six times a day and six times a day. Now Konya and Ankara are so integrated that a person who leaves his home in Konya in the morning thanks to the high-speed train catches his work in Ankara and returns to his home in Konya at the end of the evening.

A student who leaves his home in Konya in the morning can catch up with his class in Eskişehir or Ankara and returns to his home next to his family in the evening.

Moreover, they can do this with a very safe and comfortable journey.

This strengthens the joint development of cities and the joint action initiatives of cities in the same hinterland. There is no other means of transportation that is as economical as rail transportation, but cheaper and economically stronger and faster than a Konya that takes Ankara behind it, or Ankara that takes Konya next to it. With this, high-speed train is added in time saving and comfort, and the most successful transportation vehicle of our age is shaped.

MHP Deputies Didn't Want

Of course, there are some who stated negative views about YHT coming to Samsun. One of them is MHP deputies. The high-speed train project, which MHP deputies said they did not want, was praised by the press members of Samsun.

The governor of Samsun has organized a high-speed train trip between Konya and Ankara for the press members of the city. The purpose of the trip was to see the high speed train journey and its advantages on the spot and to announce it to the public.

High-speed train with a full note of the press members of the press. Considering the blessing of the people of Konya, the high-speed train was considered to be extremely important in Samsun.

However, the fact that MHP lawmakers stated that they did not want the high-speed train to arrive in Samsun in the statements they made to Haberexen.com caused Samsun to be afraid of this blessing.

Günceleme: 07/12/2018 16:16

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