Kocaeli tram car purchase tender made the company description

The company, which received the tender for the purchase of tramway vehicles in Kocaeli, made a statement: Durmazlar Hüseyin Durmaz, the owner of Makine, said that domestic production should be supported in order to reduce the foreign trade deficit.

Bursa Municipality, which is the only company to participate in the tender for the purchase of tram by the Metropolitan Municipality Durmazlar A statement came from Makine AŞ. In the statement about the subject, signed by Chairman of the Board Hüseyin Durmaz, durmazlar It was underlined that Makine is a company working to increase domestic production.


In addition, Turkey's foreign trade whether the domestic production of one of the most important reasons for the deficit does not stop at the statement noted, "This is the most important task of the institutions to close the gap like us. It was said that domestic production is a development that should be absolutely necessary ”.


. Our country's foreign trade deficit is growing steadily. This is to show us the falling effort to lower the rate. Especially in public tenders and in our position should tender rail systems to reduce the foreign trade deficit and delivering cost savings and localization as well as certain know-how are the basis of our mission to bring nationalism in Turkey. In addition, it is inevitable to provide domestic manufacturers with some advantages and direct foreign producers to Turkish industrialists in the days when the discourse of unity and solidarity comes to the forefront.

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