The problem of card conversion in public transportation in Izmir continues

The problem of card conversion in urban public transportation continues in Izmir: Problems are being continued due to the necessity of adapting the cards used in public transportation to the renewed system.

The necessity of adapting the cards used in public transportation vehicles in Izmir to the renewed system due to the change of the company causes the density in front of the box office where the conversion process is performed.

1 has been experiencing problems since June, since the operation of the electronic fee collection system in Izmir has been transferred to another company after the renewed tender, and the integration of the cards used in the bus, subway, light rail and sea transportation into the new system has not been completed.

In the studies carried out by Kartaş, the related institution of the Metropolitan Municipality, and the tenderer for the system, the validators in the bus, the rail system and the ferry port have been adapted to the new system, but the public transportation cards of the citizens have to be adapted to this system.

Due to this necessity, the citizens who want to adapt their cards to the new system, especially the Izmir Metro and İZBAN stations, which have been activated in the morning, form long queues in front of the toll booths at the ferry ports and bus transfer centers.
Installation points are insufficient

Inadequate loading points to public transport cards after the transformation in the system also cause problems.

Due to the continuation of the adaptation of the loading devices at the toll and the dealers to the system change and the fact that this operation is made only at some transfer stations, those who do not have sufficient balance are allowed to use the public transportation vehicles.

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