Aydın Doğan rides the metro

Aydın Doğan gets on the metro: It is known that many managers from the business world especially use the metro - metrobus - Marmaray trio. One of them is Aydın Doğan…

Istanbul traffic is now 'impassable'. In the morning until the morning-morning work, the ordeal hours of return home, moved into the day. Bridges are dense in each time zone. E-5 is a high flowing stream. The pain in urban traffic is the same. Solution, for now, public transport. But the habit of years, leaving the cars in the parking lot. And a bicycle, a motorcycle. The last two options are not attractive for every business man but the ferry, metrobus, metro are important and prefer a practical.

It is known that many executives from the business world especially use the metro - metrobus - Marmaray trio. Unknown famous media boss Aydın Doğan! Emre Özpeynirci, who wrote the interview of Kağan Dağtekin, the young manager of Borusan Otomotiv, who rides a bike instead of BMW with a chauffeur between two sides, gives a very remarkable detail in his news in Hürriyet. Stating that businessmen and managers prefer public transportation and alternative transportation vehicles in heavy traffic, Özpeynirci said, “Traffic has started to completely change our transportation habits, especially in Istanbul. We hear that businessmen and executives frequently use the subway, Marmaray, and direct the cars with drivers to the subway stations in Marmaray. "I learned that my own boss Aydın Doğan also preferred the subway."



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