He was hit by a tram in Kayseri

The person who was hit by the tram was killed in Kayseri: 56-year-old Ahmet Demirel, who was trying to cross the road in Kayseri, was hit by a tram. Demirel drifted 25 meters under the tram and died terribly. [more…]

izmir tramway
35 Izmir

Design of Izmir's Trams

The design of Izmir's trams has been determined: The Metropolitan Municipality has determined the exterior and interior design of Izmir's trams. Izmir, the sea city, came to the fore in the design. To breathe in urban traffic [more…]

34 Istanbul

TT Aquarium

Funicular good news to TT Arena: Galatasaray management started the funicular project for the transfer of fans coming to TT Arena to the shopping centers near the stadium. Funiculars, Vadi Istanbul and TT [more…]

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