He was hit by a tram in Kayseri

The person who was hit by the tram was killed in Kayseri: 56-year-old Ahmet Demirel, who was trying to cross the road in Kayseri, was hit by a tram. Demirel drifted 25 meters under the tram and died badly. Accident, central Melikgazi district Kılıçaslan [more…]

izmir tramway
35 Izmir

Design of Izmir's Trams

The design of Izmir's trams has been determined: The Metropolitan Municipality has determined the exterior and interior design of Izmir's trams. The sea city Izmir theme came to the fore in the design. Prepared to breathe urban traffic Karşıyaka- Guest tram projects [more…]


Konya Alâeddin - Courthouse tram line is germinated

Konya Alâeddin – Courthouse tram line is germinated: The Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality's practice of germinating the rail system line, which is not available in Turkey, was implemented by Konya Metropolitan Municipality in Konya. Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality's rail system line [more…]

34 Istanbul

TT Aquarium

Funicular good news for TT Arena: Galatasaray management has started the funicular project for the fans who will come to TT Arena to reach the shopping malls near the stadium. Funikes will connect Vadi Istanbul and TT Arena [more…]