Deputy Ahmet Arslan Tells Investments in Karsa

Deputy Ahmet Arslan Karsa Made Investments Explained: Parliamentary Planning and Budget Commission, a member of the AK Party Kars deputy Ahmet Arslan, in this case, emphasizing the importance of a way of working in coordination of the ministries of Turkey stated that allows to have a say in the world.

Referring to the importance of inter-ministerial coordination, Deputy Ahmet Arslan said that the ministries had a very important role while doing the Baku-Tbilisi-Kars Railway Project.

The Ministry of Development, the Ministry of Transport, the work of the coordinated multi-directional voicing Arslan, ıyla You will go to the goals. However, you need to have a say in the world to get to the targets. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs should also act accordingly. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs should take such steps with other countries in bilateral relations; A company like Turkish Airlines should be able to fly all over the world. Not only is THY flying, but people of other countries should be able to fly to your country. For him, it is necessary to think about flying, making railways, doing sea ports, making fishing shelters, building a roadway, integrating all of these together, coordinated. Onun

AK Party Kars Deputy Ahmet Arslan said, “For this, the role of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is important when doing the Marmaray Project. For this, the role of the Ministry of Development is important when doing the Marmaray Project. For this, the role of these ministries is important when doing the Baku-Tbilisi-Kars Railway Project. For this, when planning the Kars-Iğdır-Nakhichevan Highway, you need to make international calls. It should be done by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. For this, the Ministry of Transportation should implement all these planned projects in a timely manner so that the Ministry of Development should make plans accordingly. While all these three ministries and other ministries are moving towards the goals set by the government, you should not forget the social welfare of our people. Within the framework of social responsibility, the Ministry of Family and Social Policies should hold the hand of the disabled, the elderly, the orphan, or the orphan; Whether in Kars, in Kağızman or in any village, he should be able to take care of him. ”

Arslan, 4 listed the investments of the Ministry in Kars as follows:

“Today, I think it is my chance to be able to make such a speech by really combining these four ministries. We came from the world in my speech, we went to any village in Kars. For this, the Baku-Tbilisi-Kars Railway Project is being done. The Kars-Nakhichevan-Iğdır Highway Project is planned for this. For this, many projects and logistics centers in Kars are planned. For this, a divided road is planned to go to Van from Kars as the North-South corridor from the Black Sea. As part of this, the Kars-Digor split road is included in the investment program and a date for its tender is received this month. Within the framework of the development of this region, an oncology hospital is being built to serve Georgia and Nakhichevan as well as the provinces of the region. A new public hospital opens in Kars on the 26th of December. What kind of a public hospital? A hospital with 200 beds, 80 beds including 280 emergency and intensive care units comes into play. In addition, the tender for an additional 50-bed state hospital in Kağızman is being held on 19 January. Friends, you might say, "You mentioned your own area." Yes, I talked about my region, but with my region, all regions should develop so that we have a say in the world. ”


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