30 Hakkari

Hakkari Ski Season Preparation

Preparation for Ski Season in Hakkari: It is stated that studies have started to say 'hello' to the new season at the ski center operating under the Provincial Directorate of Youth Services and Sports. City [more…]

34 Istanbul

Action at metrobus stop

Action at the Metrobus stop: At the Haramidere metrobus stop, passengers took the metrobus route on the grounds that "all metrobuses come full and empty ones do not stop, so they wait for a vehicle for a long time". [more…]

34 Istanbul

Radical suggestion for metros

Radical suggestion for subways: In the Istanbul Metrorail Forum, the idea of ​​collecting more taxes from residences whose value increases in the areas where the subway arrives will be brought to the agenda. Experts say, “How is the cheapest financing to the subway? [more…]


Park and Continue

Park Continue and Withdraw Your Vehicle from Traffic: Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality organization İSPARK is rapidly expanding its "Park Continue Continue" car parks at public transportation stations. Alternative in transportation [more…]

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