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34 Istanbul

İstanbul Sefaköy-İstoç Havaray Project (Special Report)

Istanbul Sefaköy-İstoç havaray project: Eski Küçükçekmece mayor Aziz Yeniay announced that they would speed up the project of the Metropolitan Municipality for the metro network to reach the Olympic Village and realize the 'havaray' project from this region to Sefaköy. Aziz Yeniay, the city they will do in the district [more…]

52 Army

Ski Referee's Course Ended

Referee Course Ended Skiing: Ski Referee Course carried out between Turkey Ski Federation Army ended December 8-10. 15 trainees from 62 cities attended the Ski Referee Course, which took place in Ordu for three days. Course in Ordu [more…]


Tender for the national high-speed train on January 22

The tender for the national high-speed train is on January 22: The Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, Lütfi Elvan, stated that they have completed the design work of the national high-speed train, and that they will be tendered for industrial and engineering design on January 22, 2015. Minister [more…]


Pavement and road laying in Akdeniz Yeşilçimen neighborhood started

Paving and road laying was started in Akdeniz Yeşilçimen district: Central district of Mersin In the neighborhood of Yeşilçimen, connected with the decision of the people in the Akdeniz Municipality, a frantic work was initiated within the framework of paving and road laying. According to a written statement from the Municipality of Akdeniz, the neighborhood [more…]

Asphalt News

Arapgir County Bostancık group road asphalt has been completed

The Bostgirik group road asphalt was completed in Arapgir County: the asphalt works of Bostancık group neighborhood road connecting the neighborhoods of Sipükuşağı, Çakırsu, Konducak, Bostancık, Boğazlı and Günyüzü in Arapgir district were completed. In a written statement from the Municipality of Arapgir, the problems tried to be solved for years [more…]

Asphalt News

Road to Ashura

Keşanda Roads Are Asphalted: In the district of Keşan in Edirne, the asphalt team of the Keşan Municipality Directorate of Science Affairs carried out asphalt works at various points in the city. The teams worked on the asphalt and patch work on İnönü Street, the busiest street of Keşan. Authorities [more…]


İzmit Tram Line

Izmit Tram Line Walkway: 30 The Tramway Project, which has been widely debated since the March local elections, continues to occupy the urban agenda. The tramway route project, which is thought to be passed by the Walkway, is [more…]

Asphalt News

Bayburtta Asphalt Work Continues (Photo Gallery)

Asphalt Work Continues in Bayburt: Bayburt Municipality is working on hot asphalt on roads that have deteriorated due to infrastructure works in many parts of the city. Mayor Mete Memiş, who examined the works on site, said that the avenues and streets will have a more beautiful appearance than before. [more…]

34 Istanbul

Channel Istanbul to be announced

Channel Istanbul's Route Will Be Announced: The tender process for Kanal Istanbul will begin in the coming months. Preliminary meetings were held with Chinese, Italian and Russian companies. The route of the project will be announced soon. In the coming months for the Kanal Istanbul Project, which will transform most of Istanbul into an island [more…]


Road Traffic Law Is Changing

Highway Traffic Law Is Changing Criminal Penalties: Every citizen with a mobile phone can be a traffic spy. The bill, which envisages changes in the Highway Traffic Law, has been added an item that will allow voluntary citizens to be honorary traffic inspectors. CITIZEN PHOTOGRAPHIC Added [more…]


3. Grand Junction is Tosya Turkey's progress

3. Grand Junction is Turkey's progress Tosya: made statements about Turkey's 3rd largest Corum junction interchange, which will be examined in the studies work place quickly sürüyor.kavşak Mayor Kazim Sahin intersection. Corum 3. Intersection of Turkey is the big intersection [more…]


50 Annual Old Diyarbakir Road Reconstruction

50 Years Old Diyarbakır Road is Reconstructed: The road used as the old Siverek-Diyarbakır highway, which was built 50 years ago in Şanlıurfa's Siverek district, is being reconstructed. The old Siverek Diyarbakır highway, which deteriorated over time and caused transportation disruptions, [more…]

Asphalt News

Hot Asphalt Works on Karaman-Mersin Highway

Hot Asphalt Works on the Karaman-Mersin Highway: Hot asphalt works on the Karaman-Mersin highway continue uninterruptedly. 20 kilometers of the 17-kilometer hot asphalt double road works from the Karaman entrance to Kozlubucak have been completed. The completed road was opened to traffic in both directions. [more…]


Landslide on Silifke-Mut roadway

Landslide on Silifke-Mut highway: Approximately 100 tons of rock that broke off from the mountain due to the landslide in Silifke District of Mersin decreased to Silifke-Mut Highway. Approximately 100 tons of rock that broke off from the mountain due to the landslide in Silifke District of Mersin [more…]

laser gun on dutch trains
31 Netherlands

Holland to Equip Trains with Laser Weapons

See how one of the biggest problems in the train lines in the Netherlands is resolved. The Netherlands is one of Europe's leading countries in the use of rail systems, with a total rail network of 6 km. But the head of the system fell on the rails in the autumn months. [more…]


Car owners attention

Car owners pay attention: Thousands of vehicle owners who are not in the motorway and bridge crossings or whose balance is inadequate or defective are 2013 billion in 1. [more…]

Intercity Railways

Completion of BTK railway project at 2015

Completion in 2015 of the BTK railway project Envision: Azerbaijan-Georgia-Turkey Foreign Ministers trilateral summit, the fourth meeting, Kars State Hydraulic Works (DSI), which is mainly the agenda düzenlendi.toplantı social facilities Baku-Tbilisi-Kars (BTK) the completion of railway projects in 2015 It was stated that it was predicted. Azerbaijan-Georgia-Turkey State [more…]


12 Country to be interconnected by road

12 Countries Will Be Connected By Road: The Black Sea Economic Cooperation Parliaments Assembly (PABSEC) Turkish Group President and Army Deputy İhsan Şener, for the realization of the 7 thousand 700 kilometers Black Sea Ring Road and Seaway Project [more…]