China's government approves 72 million capacity airport project

The Chinese government approved the 72 million capacity airport project: The Chinese government approved the annual 72 million airport project, which is planned to be built in Beijing, the capital.
In the statement of the Chinese National Development and Reform Commission, the airport project was reported to cost 80 billion yuan (about $ 13,1 billion) and is expected to enter service in 2018.
It is stated that the airport, which will be built on an area of ​​700 thousand square meters in the south of Beijing, will serve 2 million metric tons of cargo and 620 thousand flights annually. It was stated that there will be 150 parking aprons for passenger aircraft and 24 parking aprons for cargo aircraft, as well as 14 aircraft maintenance areas at the airport to be built.
It was announced that the construction of the Chinese Civil Aviation Administration and the state-owned Capital Airlines Company and the North China Regional Air Traffic Management Department under the Chinese National Aviation Fuels will be undertaken.
It is noted that the new airport will serve the increasing demand for air transportation in Beijing, develop the north and south of the capital in a balanced manner, and also increase competition in the civil aviation industry.
In addition, it was stated that transit lines connected to the new airport will be established in the northern regions of Beijing, so that it will take less than 30 minutes to reach the new airport from the city's central points.
Currently, there are two airports in the capital Beijing. Baskent International Airport, located in the northeast of Beijing, was the second busiest airport in the world, serving approximately 2013 million passengers in 84.
On the other hand, with the economic development of China, it is emphasized that the increase in the welfare level of the middle class and the planning of travel abroad is becoming more widespread. According to the data of the Chinese National Tourism Administration, it is noted that more than 100 million Chinese travel abroad as of November.

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