06 Ankara

Çayyolu subway burned in Beytepe

Çayyolu metro burned down in Beytepe: Teams of the Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Fire Department conducted a rescue drill in the Çayyolu subway. Interfering with the burning train at Beytepe station according to the scenario [more…]


RayHABER Four Years Old

RayHABER Push the age of four: the developments made in the field of rail systems in Turkey and around the world, instantly, and the correct way to do news was perceived as a social responsibility project and [more…]


Fake SAMKART Scandal in Sams

Samsunda Counterfeit SAMKART Scandal: It has been revealed that the fake SAMKART, which is used in almost every stage of transportation in Samsun, especially the rail system, has been put on the market. SAMKART was copied in Samsun and [more…]


divided highways in Turkey

divided highways in Turkey: Highways There are 480 kilometers of divided highway in Afyonkarahisar according to data from the General Directorate. According to the data collected from the General Directorate of Highways, as of 1 January 2014 [more…]

35 Izmir

Izmir market

Life market in Izmir metro: Those who wanted to call an ambulance for the citizen who fell down the stairs suffered panic because the phones did not receive. At Çankaya Metro Station, when he ran to catch the train [more…]

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