Izmir does not attract phone in the metro, Izmir attracts

Izmir does not attract phone in the metro, Izmir attracts: Cankaya station in the previous day a person who fell and injured the phone from the station to call an ambulance could not call, the danger posed by the lack of communication in the subways revealed.
While at least 'one-way' communication is allowed in almost all subways of the world, the absence of it in Izmir has rebelled the public. Experts also said, "If the phone doesn't work in the subway, people will be helpless in an emergency."
Citizens who could not reach the 112 Emergency Room rebelled because the mobile phone signals were blocked for security reasons after a citizen was injured by falling from the stairs the day before at the Izmir Metro Çankaya station. When we look at other cities in Turkey and the world, for no restrictions on many of the stations are only allowed inside to look out for their safety in others. In İzmir, all the connections of those who take the metro are broken with the world.
In the subway, which has become the backbone of transportation with a transfer system that brings criticism in İzmir, citizens have rebelled against mobile phones. 64-year-old Osman Cerit was injured by falling down on the metro staircase in the incident that took place the day before at the Izmir Metro Çankaya Station. Although passengers wanted to call 112 to report the situation, their cell phones did not. While the New Century brought the events to the agenda yesterday under the heading “Life in the Metro”, it was revealed that the phones “pulled” in other cities where there was a rail service.
We exist in the world, we do not
In the metro and light rail system in Istanbul, Ankara and Bursa, people can call outside at the metro stations, but outside calls are blocked for "security" reasons. In the cities of the world, there is no interruption in communication. For example, it is free to send text messages, make calls, access the Internet and call the 30 emergency number at 911 stations across New York. It is free to make calls, send text messages and access the internet on the London Underground. The Paris Metro attracts mobile phones, and it is free to make calls, send text messages and access the Internet on the San Francisco Metro. In fact, it is known that people in 2011 protested their service providers because the signals of GSM operators dropped in 4 stations.
Flame, didn't like examples
Sönmez Alev, General Manager of the Izmir Metro, said, "Why doesn't the phone pick up on the subway?", "There is one-way transportation in other cities, why isn't there in Izmir?" did not answer his questions. Alev said, “The problem is not caused by us. Ask this problem to GSM operators. You give examples from other cities, do not give examples from these cities. I will not make any other comments. ”
The deal took 3 years
A 2003-year agreement was signed with the GSM operator (TURKCELL) in Izmir Metro in 3 to use mobile phones everywhere, including tunnels, stations and inside the metro. For this, the underground radio system of the subway and the signal transmitters of the GSM operator were integrated. Thus, mobile phones could be used both underground stations and metro vehicles. However, after a 3-year agreement, the phones fell silent without explaining the reason to the public. On the other hand, Izmir Police Department officials stated that there was no application to them in terms of “security”.
Emergency Health Association for All and CHP İzmir Provincial Vice President Dr. Ülkümen Rodoplu, on the other hand, said that not having mobile phones on the subway could help people in a possible disaster. "First of all, state and GSM operators should find solutions for this," said Rodoplu.
What does the citizen say?
Tolga Çetin (17) Student
We want to reach our relatives when there is an emergency in the underground. When we want to reach someone, we should be able to call that person. Therefore, cell phone signals must be switched on in the subway.
Harun Lead (38) Courier
The application is very wrong. Restricting freedom of communication is one of the biggest mistakes CHP makes. In an emergency, we may need to call 112 when we experience discomfort when getting on the metro.
Ayfer Bostancı (53) Housewife
I'm using the subway and communication is interrupted. It's a wrong move. I might have an emergency. Mobile phones on the subway must attract.
Ahmed Kingi (17) Unemployed
Mobile phones on the subway should be turned on. Because if we want to reach our relatives, we cannot contact.
Hülya Erdoğan (35) Textile
Who will be responsible for this when we have a job? İzmirli deserves this. Unfortunately, those who voted for the CHP are serving their sentences.
Hamide Arıcı (45) Textile
Everything is incomplete because it is from İzmir CHP. This place would be much different if you had another party. Mobile phone signals must be on. Metropolitan Municipality should consider this.
Ibrahim Olgun (48) Furnishings
If they cut the cell phone signal for security reasons in the subway, they can intensify the search activities at the metro entrances. It is better to take precaution. blocking people's right to communicate is not an appropriate behavior. How far can we go by banning?
Nur Akbaş (21) Self-employed
Cell phones must be on. According to him, precautions should be taken. They can adapt the metro to their mobile phones.
Melahat Çelebi (41) Self-employed
The result is a life-threatening case. Measures should be taken, but people's freedom of communication should not be restricted.
Demet Özkeskin (17) Student
We all have the right to communicate with each other. Cell phone signals must remain on. How do we call our relatives when we get a job?
Sinan Yorulmaz (22) Tradesmen
Mobile phones must remain on. We can call our relatives in case of an accident. Instead of waiting for an ambulance, we can find a way to take care of something.
Ahmet Doğanay (24) Self-employed
Cell phones must be on. It must be clear to reach any emergency.
Heavy criticism from social media
On the other hand, the lack of mobile phones in Izmir subway received heavy criticism in social media. Some of these criticisms are as follows:
- No external calls are received from the Istanbul metro, but citizens can call outside. If anyone cannot call, come, call us.
- There is a rail system going underground in Bursaray and the phones are pulling fully. There is no GSM difference.
- Shoots smoothly at all metro stations in Istanbul.
- Even in Marmaray, submarine shoots, but in Izmir, Izmirians are shooting.
- Izmir people are already suffering, no matter whether they also take a mobile phone.
- The suicide activist makes a harakili with the device he carries after he wants. So there is no need for a mobile phone signal.

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