An overpass is being built in Aydın's Sazlı District

An overpass is being built in Aydın's Sazlı District: The promise given to citizens who protested for the overpass after a student lost his life under a tractor trailer in Aydın's Sazlı District is fulfilled. Karayolları started to work in the place determined by the Sazlı Mahallesi Muhtarlığı.
Muhtar Cetin Passenger, especially in the summer, indicating that the traffic is very intense, pedestrians will cross the street more safely crossing said. Muhtar Yolcuoğlu said, “For Sazlı neighborhood, underpass or overpass is required. The municipality was not in the period. We don't even have a lower passage. Erol Ayyıldız'ın initiative of the overpass began to be made. The feet of the overpass are planted. Our governor and district governor promised us for the overpass, stood in their words. We'il cover the middle median with iron. The pedestrians will not be able to cross the street. Yay The Governor of the Highways Erol Ayyıldız stated that the highways were doing the construction of the highway, Val Highways, in accordance with the legislation to make the overpass. Sazli with the headman as a result of interviews are made to the appropriate place. Tar He said.
6 On the 2014 day of the accident, one of the four students under the tractor trailer died and three were injured. Fatma Taşdemir (15) lost her life, Damla Demir, İnci Zana Küpçü and Eser Sönmezoğlu were wounded. After the accident, the people of the neighborhood had closed the road to traffic, and had passed the demands of the overpass.

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