The feet of the Gulf crossing bridge are rising

The legs of the Gulf Crossing Bridge are rising: The legs of the İzmit Gulf Crossing Suspension Bridge, which will reduce the time of transportation between Istanbul and İzmir to 3,5 hours, have risen to 188 meters. The duration of the transportation between Istanbul and Izmir [more…]

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3. The opening date of the bridge is certain

The opening date of the bridge has been announced: The date for the 3rd bridge, which the Istanbulites have been waiting impatiently, has finally been determined. The Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, Lütfi Elvan, said in a television program that the Yavuz Sultan Selim bridge [more…]

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Skiing in Star Mountain

Yildiz Mountain Ski Pleasure Begins: Special Provincial Administration Secretary General Salih Ayhan Yıldız Mountain on-site studies examined the review of the work in the region after the General Secretary Ayhan, Yildiz reveals a feverish study [more…]


Here's 3. bridge opening date

Here's 3. The opening date of the bridge: 3, which Istanbulites are waiting impatiently. The date for the bridge was finally evident, Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Lutfi Elvan said in a television program Yavuz Sultan Selim [more…]

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Level crossing accident 2 injured (Photo Gallery)

Accident at the level crossing 2 injured: In Geyve district of Sakarya, the locomotive hit the car at the level crossing, 2 people were injured. In Alifuatpaşa Yeni Mahalle locality, the locomotive is 06 DR under the direction of Mehmet B., who is trying to pass through the level crossing. [more…]


D-100 Road closed to traffic

D-100 Road closed to traffic: 1 Regional Directorate of Highways D-100 Highway direction to Ankara, Hereke location today at 16: 00'dan stopped the passage of vehicles. D-100 Transportation in the direction of Ankara [more…]


Izmir Konak Tunnels Ended

Ended in Izmir Konak Tunnels: The excavations of Konak Tunnels, which will connect Yeşildere Street and Beach Road in İzmir, have come to an end. Konak, which will connect Yeşildere Street and Sahil Yolu in Izmir, [more…]


Parliament to talk budget and tram

Parliament and the budget will be talked about the tram: Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality Council's November ordinary meeting today at 15.00'de Ibrahim Karaosmanoğlu chairmanship will begin. CREDIT REQUEST Discussing the 2015 budget in today's meeting of the Metropolitan Assembly [more…]


Subcontracting personnel working on highways

Highways Subcontractor staff will be given to the staff: Thousands of subcontracted workers have resulted in lawsuits. When the law showed that the workers were right, the state won the lawsuits of subcontractors to get rid of the 2 billion pound compensation burden [more…]


If Izmit Tram Line Passing Through the Walkway

If Izmit Tram Line Will Pass Through the Walking Road, Don't Do It: The November meeting of Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality Council will be held today. There is an important issue on the agenda of today's meeting. For the construction of the Metropolitan Municipality Izmit Tram Project, Provinces [more…]


2 Detention on Ray Theft

2 Detention for Rail Theft: 2 person who was allegedly stealing scrap rails on the railroad of State Railways (DDY) in Samsun was detained by the Gendarmerie. The incident occurred in the district of Ilkadim Güzeldere district. [more…]

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The YHT line's signaling cables

Those who stole the signaling cables of the YHT line, red-handed: 3 people who tried to steal the signaling cables passing under the High Speed ​​​​Train bridge in Ankara Polatlı for the second time were caught by the gendarmerie. Signaling cables of YHT line in Polatlı district [more…]