Asphalt News

Paving Work at Uzuntarla

Asphalting Work with Uzuntar: Kartepe Municipality, taking advantage of the good weather, continued one leg of the asphalting works in the district from Uzuntarla region. The teams affiliated to the Directorate of Technical Affairs, within the framework of the regulations for the improvement of the roads throughout the district, paved the road on 222nd [more…]

Asphalt News

Erzurum Metropolitan Municipality Asphalting Village Roads

Erzurum Metropolitan Municipality Asphalt Village Roads: Erzurum Metropolitan Municipality is also asphalting village roads. The Metropolitan Municipality's Science Teams are experiencing an intense asphalt shift in the city center and districts. The teams, after the Local Authorities Law, turned into neighborhoods [more…]

Asphalt News

Road Work from Ayvalık Municipality

Road Works from Ayvalık Municipality: Ayvalık Municipality of Balıkesir started asphalt and road works after the tourism season ended. Approximately 150 meters of road is expanded between 700 Evler Mahallesi and Yeni Mahalle. Used by Kıvanç Sarlıcalı Primary School students [more…]

Asphalt News

Hilalkentte Unpaved Street Will Not Stay

Asphalted Street in Hilalkentde Kalmalacak: Yakutiye Municipality, asphalt in hot weather, continues the pavement work. Mayor Ali Korkut, known as bacon writing, said that 15 is the perfect opportunity for daily warm air to complete its work calendar. Korkut, Hilalkent [more…]


Portable Radar Warning Sign Application Ended

Mobile Radar Warning Sign Application Ended: Samsun Provincial Police Department put an end to the application of 'Portable Radar Warning Sign', which is used to inform drivers in radar speed inspections in order to increase the habit of obeying traffic rules and the level of compliance with traffic rules. [more…]


Karabük Ring Road Is Realizing

Karabük Ring Road Becomes Realized: Hüseyin Erer, President of the Karabük Economic Development and Social Solidarity Foundation, said that after the studies carried out by the General Directorate of Highways, the Karabük ring road route was determined. Erer said in his statement, “As Karabük Economic Development Foundation [more…]


They wanted to underpass the traffic in Silifkede

They closed the road to traffic in Silifk and asked for an underpass to be built: The residents of Işıklı Mahallesi in the Silifke District of Mersin closed the road with traffic and demanded that an underpass be built. The residents of Işıklı Mahallesi, located on the Silifke-Antalya highway, have [more…]

389 Macedonia

Macedonia's Highway Passage System to Make Aselsan

Aselsan Will Make Macedonia's Highway Crossing System: ASELSAN signed a contract to realize the Highway Toll Collection System Project in the Republic of Macedonia. Aselsan signed a contract to realize the Highway Toll Collection System Project in the Republic of Macedonia. According to the statement made by Aselsan, the contract [more…]

16 Bursa

Mudanya Train Project is on the agenda of TCDD

Mudanya Train project is on the agenda of TCDD: Actually… The basis of the project, or rather the starting point, is the transportation integration of the Metropolitan Municipality. Its goal is to turn Balat, where the Bursa Station of the high-speed train is located, into a transportation system crossroad at the same time. In this context ... First [more…]


Bus stop work from Malatya municipality

Bus stop work from Malatya Municipality: It has been reported that the construction of bus stops on the Malatya Ring Road is continuing. According to the written statement made by the Malatya Metropolitan Municipality, the Metropolitan Municipality, which continues its square and landscaping works between Şire Pazarı and Malatya Courthouse, [more…]


Pedestrian-bike path is the right turn on the road

The pedestrian-bicycle path is all right on the roadway: The road works between the Cumhuriyet Mahallesi Manastır Site and the Kayıkhane Area, which Gemlik Municipality carried out with Bursa Metropolitan Municipality and BUSKI, has reached the final stage. Before pedestrian and bicycle [more…]


Mimarsinan Viaduct to Join South and East

Mimarsinan Viaduct Will Join the South and the East: One of the important passages in Kayseri of the highway that will connect the South Ring Road and the Malatya highway, Mimarsinan Viaduct has reached the final stage. The important highway in Kayseri that will connect the Southern Ring Road and Malatya [more…]


The Great Success of Yol-İş Union

The Great Success of Yol-İş Union: Head of the Trabzon Branch No. 1 of Yol-İş Union, Gökhan Gedikli, said that the places of duty of the workers gathered in the pool were determined. Yol-İş Union Trabzon 1 Branch Head Gökhan GEDİKLİ said in a statement [more…]

Asphalt News

Elbistan-Darica road works have gained speed

Work on the road to Elbistan-Darica has accelerated: The works carried out for the transportation of the 45 kilometer road, which extends between Elbistan district of Malatya and Malatya and the Darıca Quarter of the Akçadağ district of Malatya, has been accelerated. [more…]


Cooperation between TCDD and Japan Railways

Cooperation between TCDD and Japan Railways: TCDD delegation headed by Deputy General Manager Adem KAYIŞ and JITI (Japan International Transport Institute) President Makoto WASHIZU, Japan Ministry of Transport and Japan Railways officials, Japan Railway Academic [more…]