Minister Elvan: Konya-Karaman YHT construction starts

Minister Elvan: Konya-Karaman YHT construction is being started: At the point where Elvan YHT and Highways meet, Karaman will be the most important city of Central Anatolia.
Lütfi Elvan, who was appointed as the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Journalism, the most important and largest ministry of the government with the last Cabinet amendment, and the head of the Parliamentary Plan and Budget Committee, visited his hometown Karaman on Saturday.
Minister Lütfi Elvan, who was welcomed with a love show in the festive atmosphere by a crowd of about 11 thousand people next to the old Police House at 2 am on Saturday, made statements about Karaman and agenda topics in his speech that was established here. Elvan, “Such a welcome in my country made me proud, I thank everyone. Karaman is an important city of Central Anatolia. The transportation investments we initiated before becoming a minister and especially the Konya-Karaman High Speed ​​Train (YHT), which was tendered, are being started. We are continuing our efforts to make Karaman a gateway for transportation from Eastern provinces Karaman to the Mediterranean (Antalya-Alanya), which we have been considering since the beginning, and especially the YHT going to Mersin and then the Adana-Mersin highway through Ermenek via Antalya. We will have reached our goal by reaching the side.
In the meantime, we will solve the transportation problem of our Industrialists with the Logistics Center, which we care and carry out for Karaman Industry, and 5 years later, Karaman's Export will be 1 Billion Dollars. On the other hand, Karaman, which is at the head of the provinces that receive the most of the Sun, will be an important Center for Solar Energy. Road works in Karaman continue uninterrupted, I hope it will be possible to reach Antalya from Karaman in 2,5 hours soon. Ereğli road double road works, Ermenek, Sarıveliler-Alanya road works are continuing rapidly and hopefully these roads will be completed this year. ” said. Us Nobody Block too "indicating that the third bridge in Istanbul and tried to hinder the airport Elven, said:" Although it dealt with we, Turkey's growth, development direction inside and, although there are both outside major obstacles, Turkey continued to grow and strengthen you will. The construction of our third bridge in Istanbul, which makes a sound in the world, is wanted to be prevented.
The construction of our third airport is being prevented. Again, our highway worth 12 million liras, which connects Istanbul to Izmir, is wanted to be blocked. But we will do them one by one. ” "Trying to Weaken the Political Institution" Elvan, who suggested that the political institution was attempted to be weakened, said, "They are trying to weaken the political institution. They are trying to introduce a number of institutions other than the political institution. The main thing is the people and the choice of the people. The main thing is to open the way for the power that the public brings to power. This is the main thing. But make sure that, do not be fooled by those who try to discredit our Ak Party, our country, and our government. Turkey will continue to grow and strengthen. Your strong will and determination to support your great and powerful Turkey Together, we will build together, "he said." said. Promise to Airport to Karaman Elvan, who came to the AK Party Provincial Organization and spoke openly to the press for 10 minutes, stated that efforts were started to build an airport in Karaman. Elvan: "most of the work required to gradually reach 100 kilometers an air space of every citizen in Turkey Karaman We started going to add an airport in this context," he said.


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