2 is a thousand-year-old stone bridge to be restored to tourism

📩 21/12/2018 18:03

2 thousand-year-old stone bridge will be restored and tourism will be given: In the town of Mersin Silifke 77-78 built in the 2-62 a history of about a thousand-year-old stone bridge in the history of the planned restoration work was passed. In the past months, the bridge has been built by Silifke Municipality and DSI XNUMX. The bridge was carried out by the Directorate of the bridge around the river and the cleaning of the stone bridge during the removal of the work of the feet of the stone bridge, the authorities mobilized.
DSI 62. The branch directorate, 'Stone Bridge can be destroyed at any time' action, taking the authorities after the decision, took an emergency restoration and publicly announced.
Following this decision, a meeting was held today under the chairmanship of Şevket Cinbir, the district governor of Silifke. Mayor of Silifke Mustafa Turgut, Highways 5. Chief Engineer Mehmet Bilgili, DSİ 62. Branch Manager Ferruh Dalyanoğlu, DSI 62. Necati Eser, Mechanical Engineer in the Department, Bahaettin Kabahasanoğlu, Director of Mersin Province Culture and Tourism, and İlhame Öztürk, Director of Silifke Museum.
Stating that he is a follower of this process, District Governor Şevket Cinbir said, “The project will be carried out by the General Directorate of Highways, and the tender for restoration will be made after the approval of the Cultural Heritage Preservation Board. It's going to take time. Then the restorer will start and we can say that it will take an estimated 5 years. Not only the restoration of the bridge, but also the mill in it and the landscape arrangement around it will be made. I believe that behind the historical stone bridge, Silifke Castle will be an important historical building where local and foreign tourists who come to the district have a souvenir photo. I think that it will be gained as a historical and cultural value with the restoration work by working hand in hand with the local government. So we can say that, Silifke will come alive with Taşköprü ”.
Pointing out that Silifke is a center of historical richness, Silifke Mayor Mustafa Turgut said, “We are very excited for the restoration of the historical stone bridge. Along with the stone bridge, we will make another bridge simultaneously. Our initiatives for the 4th Silifke bridge have started and permissions have been obtained. When the necessary works are completed, the 4th bridge construction work will also start. As a local government, we will do our part to the fullest. With the restoration, Taşköprü will become a new center of Silifke. There will be nice places where tourists and visitors can take photos, eat with landscaping, and eat by Silifkelis with the riverside arrangement. ” said.
2, who has a thousand years of history Silifke'nin Roman Roman governor of the time that Memo underlines this bridge underlines the Culture Director Bahaettin Kabahasanoğlu said, ın If the bridge is converted into a tourism in terms of tourism would be a great investment, Silifke Mersin province's largest the historical values ​​of the district, the bridge with the old image of the tourist here underlined that he would flock.

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