BTS: 30 bin rail staff to be banished

BTS: 30 thousand railroad personnel will be banished. Members of the United Transport Employees Union, who made a press release on the privatization of the State Railways, said that the number of 30 thousand railroad staff members due to the problems of the AKP's privatization policy [more…]

Intercity Railways


Not a tram Raybus: Aksehir Mayor Salih Akkaya, a citizen's tram question, "Tram is not a bus," he answered. In our newspaper recently, the Konya Metropolitan Municipality renewed the old trams. [more…]

43 Austria

Austrian Railways open a HOLOKOST exhibition

Austrian Railways opened the HOLOKOST exhibition: The exhibition Bask The Impressed Years' by Austrian Railways documents the deportation of Jews to the concentration camp and the 'Nazification' of train workers. The Austrian National Railway company is responsible for the Holocaust in the European Parliament. [more…]

34 Istanbul

UTİKAD at Logitrans Fair

UTİKAD at the Logitrans Fair: UTİKAD, the International Transport and Logistics Service Producers Association, which recently hosted a historical congress, brings together all stakeholders in the logistics and transport sector. [more…]

41 Switzerland

24 Hourly Strike Ends in Geneva

The 24-Hour Strike Will End in Geneva: The strike of the employees of the organizations that provide urban transportation such as trams, buses and trolleybuses in Geneva adversely affected transportation. In Geneva, urban transport such as trams, buses and trolleybuses [more…]

01 Adana

President Bilal Uludağ surveyed the asphalt

Mayor Bilal Uludağ examined the asphalt works on site: Sarıçam Mayor Bilal Uludağ examined the asphalt works in Yeşiltepe neighborhood. Sarıçam Municipality Directorate of Science Affairs Yeşiltepe Quarter new settlement located in the eastern region [more…]


Mercedes-Benz trucks at Logitrans Fair

Mercedes-Benz tow trucks at the Logitrans Fair: At the fair, which was held for the 8th time this year, Mercedes-Benz Turk exhibited its models in the tow truck segment. Mercedes-Benz Turk, Logitrans – International Transport Logistics, held at Istanbul Expo Center between 19-21 November [more…]


Kütahya Logistics Center

Kamil Saraçoğlu: Kütahya Logistics Center Will Be. Municipality Mayor Kamil Saraçoğlu and Kütahya MPs as a result of the intensive efforts of the Directorate of Customs has started activities. Osman Erdoğan Mayor Kamil appointed as Customs Director [more…]

01 Adana

Bin 620 annual bridge, witnessing history

The thousand 620 year-old bridge testifies to history: Behind the Seyhan River, there is a powerful spring that crosses the summit of the Taurus Mountains and unites in Çukurova. Seyhan flowing through the fertile soil of Çukurova towards the sea [more…]


Intersection Studies Begins in Burhaniye

Junction Work Begins in Burhaniye: Junction work starts in burhaniye district of Balıkesir. Highways 2. Regional Director Abdulkadir Uraloğlu visited Burhaniye Mayor Necdet Uysal in his office. Junction projects to be made to the entrances of the neighborhood were discussed. [more…]


Highway Circle

Motorway Circle to Marmara: The Marmara Region is surrounded by highways. The project includes Istanbul, Kocaeli, Yalova, Bursa, Balikesir, Canakkale and Tekirdag. 7 project to connect city with highway [more…]


The D-130 highway connects the TEM motorway

D-130 highway and TEM highway will be connected to each other: Minister of Transport Lütfü Elvan, information about road works in the presentation speech of the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications in the Planning and Budget Committee of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey for 2015. [more…]


Bridge and highway revenues

Bridge and highway revenues: In the 10 months of this year, approximately 332 million TL revenue was obtained from 411 million 988 thousand 713,5 vehicles passing through bridges and highways. 10 months of this year in Turkey. [more…]