Vehicle Inspection Delay For Unemployment

📩 03/12/2018 16:53

Unprecedented Reduction in Vehicle Inspection Delay Penalties: Last chance to deposit vehicle inspection delay penalties in a discounted manner 31 December 2014 date. Ararç inspection delay fees 31 December 2014 date can be paid at a discount until the end of working hours. In addition, motor vehicle tax, traffic fines, highway bridge delay hike and interest will be restructured according to this law. To take advantage of the new configuration, the deadline is 1 December 2014.
According to the statement made by Tüvtürk, it is stated that there is a 7-fold discount and the explanation is as follows: “In order for a vehicle to be inspected and to sell second hand, there should be no MTV, traffic fines and highway crossing debt. Vehicle owners who have not been inspected for a long time should not miss the opportunity for vehicle inspection, traffic fines and motor vehicle tax delay reduction that will last until the end of the year. A car overdue for a year will pay 100 liras instead of 18 liras. A minibus delayed for 4 years will pay 400 lira instead of 50 lira, a truck will pay 535 lira instead of 68 lira, and a tractor will pay 203 lira instead of 25 lira. A 10-year delayed minibus will pay 991 lira instead of 120 lira, and a bus / truck will pay 340 lira instead of one thousand 169 lira. A tractor that has not been inspected for 10 years will get rid of its debt by paying 510 lira instead of 62 lira. But these given sample figures have been calculated approximately. "It may differ depending on the month of delay for each vehicle."
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