Exhaust-resistant tree at the intersections of Izmir

📩 24/11/2018 14:30

Exhaust-resistant tree at the intersections of Izmir: Izmir Metropolitan Municipality planted a total of 2 thousand 155 trees of various types resistant to exhaust fumes, such as pine pine, on an area of ​​13 thousand square meters taken over from the highways.
Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, Highways 2. Periodically continues signed with the Regional Directorate of Highways is the responsibility of the municipality under the protocol million total 2 155 thousand square meters of green space in the maintenance and repair work. 22 13 500 10 100 10 300 9 XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX shrub, XNUMX bin XNUMX planted plant ground cover, hug and bulbous plant, carried out application of lawn ground while about XNUMX thousand square meters area.
New face at intersections
2 million 155 thousand square meters in the city, more than 200 staff with pruning, grass cleaning, debris and pruning residue removal, plant bowl opening and planting work such as the Metropolitan, eliminating the image pollution provides a new dimension of intersections. The teams, in the large-scale junction scarcity of water resources, taking into consideration the average annual precipitation and moisture anhydrous plantation pine seedlings on top of 2 years by applying the techniques erects; Irrigation is easier for small-scale areas in landscape applications.
Attentive work
Metropolitan Municipality teams accelerating the afforestation and landscaping works, pruning the 197 tree, mainly on the Cyprus acacia and eucalyptus species, on a thousand square meters area of ​​500 at Balçova Bridge Interchange. Teams engaged in floor cleaning and field preparation in the 290 thousand 250 square meters area at the Otogar Bridge Interchange planted 586 peanut pine, 100 blue cypress and 194 rosary trees. 55 units in 74 thousand square meters area in Sasalı Bridge Junction, Karşıyaka At the Köprülü Junction, the teams engaged in planting 96 blue cypress trees in an area of ​​approximately 69 thousand square meters, and at the Çiğli Köprülü Junction, the 250 thousand square meter area was laid with earthmoving equipment and soil correction works. Within the framework of the works, after cleaning the floor in the 27 thousand 200 square meters area at Hamdi Dalan Junction, the teams laid grass on the 200 square meter area and planted pineapple pine trees in the 69 thousand 280 square meter area at Bornova Junction. In addition, the teams planted a peanut pine, black cypress and mulberry tree and a thousand oleander plants in the 60 thousand square meters area at Atakent Junction. Teams planting 141 peanut pine in an area of ​​775 thousand 82 square meters at Gaziemir Junction, and at the Junction of Ege University and Bornova Viaduct, continue stripping and spreading and spreading soil and tree dishes on a thousand square meter area.
22 pieces junction
The new areas undertaken by the Metropolitan Municipality with protocol are as follows: Narlıdere Junction, Balçova Bridge Junction and Balçova Viaduct, Limontepe Junction, Uzundere Junction, Gaziemir Junction, Buca Junction, Dokuz Eylül Junction, Highway Junction, Pınarbaşı Junction, Otogar Bridge Junction, Industry Junction, Ege University Köprülü Junction and Bornova Viaduct, Bornova Junction, Bayraklı Junction, Onur Mahallesi Junction, Karşıyaka Bridge Junction, Körfezkent Junction, Çiğli Junction Junction, Atakent Junction Junction, Atatürk Organized Industrial Zone Junction and Sasalı Junction.

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