Subcontracting personnel working on highways

📩 24/11/2018 14:30

Subcontractors who work in highways Staff will be given: Thousands of cases filed by subcontractors have resulted. When the law shows that the workers are justified, the state will provide the personnel with the condition of giving up the rights acquired by lawsuits in order to get rid of the 2 billion pound compensation load.
The agency workers working in the public sector are taken to the permanent staff. With the new regulation, permanent staffing will be provided to contract workers, with priority to contractor workers who open a case.
600 thousand subcontractor workers near the 80 thousand, the main work carried out by the institutions and business relations by specifying that they are in conflict with the situation carried to the judiciary.
General Directorate of Highways Subcontractor staff will give staff?
10 was close to one thousand cases and judicial workers were justified. A large part of the General Directorate of Highways, including the Ministry of Health, Eti Mine, Coal Authority employees and contract workers in Turkey Petroleum Corporation TPAO won a close financial rights to two billion pounds.
The ministry of Labor and Social Security prepared an arrangement on this financial burden and submitted it to the prime minister's office. With the regulation, it is foreseen that permanent workers will be recruited as permanent workers.
Workers who have proven their rights with the court are expected to be permanent. According to the regulation, workers working in factories, construction sites, workshops and farms will be recruited as, permanent workers iye.
Upon asking a question about the transfer of severance pay to the fund, Çelik said; “I am in favor of labor here. You're going to walk, too. Who will walk? Worker. Why is that? Because he didn't get the damages. Why is that? Because the office is closed. Why is that? Because there was an accident at work.
Now we have to secure the compensation of our workers. My meeting with the trade unions continues, I believe that it is very important in the employee's own individual account that if we get this guarantee, it would be very important in this period. Why is that? I say this in favor of the worker.
Otherwise, I do not have to live with the opposition of many workers, up to 90 percent of the workers, and the laborers, who cannot receive this compensation. Since the legislator is here, I believe that we can solve this problem in a healthy way without causing any loss of rights ”.

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