Gumushane City Center Traffic Flow will be made in one side

📩 03/12/2018 16:52

Gumushane City Center Traffic Flow One-Side: The Municipality of Gumushane changed the traffic flow in the city to regulate the traffic noise in the city
Gümüşhane Mayor Ercan Çimen stated that the traffic flow in the city center will be applied unilaterally. President Çimen, in accordance with the decision taken in the Provincial Traffic Commission after his work on the new traffic regulation, Karaer Mahallesi Atatürk Caddesi, Fuadiye Caddesi, Hasanbey Mahallesi, Cumhuriyet Caddesi and Hasanbey He noted that a one-way traffic arrangement will be made on the street.
Noting that the traffic flow on the street will now be applied unilaterally after the joint work between the Municipality and the Police Department, Çimen said, “Due to the geographical structure of our city, most of our streets and streets consist of narrow and steep slopes. Traffic jams occur in our city due to the two-way traffic of Atatürk and Cumhuriyet Avenue, which are used extensively by our citizens. These congestions cause major disruptions in traffic. There is a greater increase in traffic jams, especially after working hours and after school hours. Therefore, we decided to make an arrangement as a Municipality. We carried out a long-term study and received the views of non-governmental organizations in our city. At the same time, we brought traffic expert teams from Ispark, affiliated to the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, and got their opinions. We determined the routes as a result of the evaluations we made. This decision we made was approved by the Provincial Traffic Commission ”.
Stating that the new routes to be used are also determined, Çimen said, “According to the newly planned situation on Cumhuriyet Street, it will be operated in one direction from the Provincial Directorate of Agriculture of the street to the junction in front of the Municipality. One-way parking will be allowed to the left according to the direction of the vehicles on the street. It will be operated in one direction from the Municipality crossroad on Atatürk Street to the PTT junction. Likewise, one-way parking will be allowed to the left according to the direction of the vehicles. Vehicles that will go in the direction of the Provincial Directorate of Agriculture will continue from Zafer Caddesi and Hasanbey Street in front of the PTT. On this route, the connection on Atatürk Street will be provided from Cami Sokak next to our Kemaliye Mosque. Entries and exits to the city center will continue to be provided from Fuadiye Street, Provincial Directorate of Agriculture, Murat Akçay Bridge, and Ahmet Zİyaüddin Street. Exit from Fuadiye Street will not be made as it used to be. "Transit departures from Ahmet Ziyaüddin Street can now be made."
Noting that the Gümüşhane Bridge, which is located next to the Köprübaşı Police Station and providing access to the transit route from the city center, will be closed to vehicle traffic, Çimen said, “We closed the Gümüşhane Bridge, which is located next to Köprübaşı Police Station, to vehicle traffic. This bridge will be restored by the decision of the High Council of Monuments. After the restoration works, the bridge will only be open to pedestrian crossings. "The signaling lights here will be moved to Ahmet Ziyaüddin Bridge."
Stating that a restriction was imposed on the entrance of trucks to the city center according to the decision of the commission, Çimen said, “By the Provincial Traffic Commission, Cumhuriyet Caddesi, Atatürk Caddesi, Hasanbey Caddesi, Hürriyet Caddesi, Ahmet Ziyaüddin Caddesi, Zafer Caddesi, Sebahattin Aytaç Caddesi and Fuadiye Caddesi will unload the load to the tradesmen. Regarding vans and trucks, they were prohibited from entering between 08.00 and 21.00 during the week, and between 12.00-21.00 on Saturday, and an arrangement was made to be free for the whole day on Sunday. An improvement will be made in the vehicles referred to as pick-up trucks and will be based on 3 tons ”.
Çimen added that the decisions of the Provincial Traffic Commission will be implemented on 30 November 2014.

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