Izmir Konak Tunnels Ended

📩 24/11/2018 14:30

The End of İzmir Konak Tunnels: The excavations of Konak Tunnels, which will connect Yeşildere Street and the Coastal Road in İzmir, have come to an end.
The excavations of the Konak Tunnels, which will connect the Yeşildere Street and the Coastal Road in İzmir, have come to an end, and one thousand 674 meters of progress was made in one of the tubes in the tunnel with a length of 461 meters, and 453 meters in the other. 443 Jewish graves, which were unearthed during the archaeological excavations in the area on the Konak side, have been moved to another area. Expressing that they have faced many difficulties, but they have left all of them behind, Abdulkadir Uraloğlu, Regional Director of Highways, said that we are planning to open the tunnel in the first half of the next year, and we think we will allow the traffic in İzmir to relax. Emphasizing that they aim to bring the sea air together with Buca on New Year's Eve, the project manager İsmet Durnabaş stated that they are moving 2 meters a day.
In Konak Tunnels, the excavations of which were started in September 2 by the Highways 2012nd Regional Directorate, in order to ensure the transfer of traffic on Yeşildere Avenue and Mustafa Kemal Beach Boulevard, and to facilitate travel from Konak to the Airport, Bus Station, Gaziemir and Buca, it has come to an end now. Planned to be excavated at the same time from Konak and Yeşildere, but due to the archaeological excavations on the Konak side, the works took approximately 1 year. Despite this, with an intensive work of 24 people working for 500 hours, one thousand 674 meters in one tube in the tunnel with a length of 461 meters and 453 meters in the other.
İsmet Durnabaş, the project manager of the Konak Tunnels producer company, said the following about the works
This is a tunnel that connects Konak Köprülü Junction and Mustafa Kemal Atatürk Köprülü Crossroad on Yeşildere Street. In this context, Mustafa Kemal Atatürk Köprülü Crossroad was opened to traffic in September 2013. Our work on the Konak Tunnels started in September 2012, and we have completed approximately 674 percent of the excavation of the 90 meters long tunnel as of today. We aim to connect Konak and Yeşildere by opening a part of about 200 meters until the beginning of the year. In the new year, we are planning to move the sea air to the Buca region.
Durnabaş stated that they made excavations with the New Austrian Method (NATM), and that they used 75 cubic meters of concrete and shotcrete in the tunnel. Durnabaş, who has provided information about the project used by a total of 500 tons of steel and iron so far, said that we are doing the top half, bottom half and invert work in three shifts on a 5-hour basis. On New Year's Eve, we want to work and finish the excavation of this tube and make the tunnel operational as of May. Our tunnel consists of two separate tubes with two lanes. It is aimed to reduce the traffic in Alsancak and the city center. In case of danger, there are 600 separate connection points connecting the two tubes. Due to the archaeological excavations in Konak, our work was extended for about 24 year. We could have opened this tunnel in May 5, but this time was a little longer due to archaeological excavations. He said that there is about 1 thousand cubic meters of excavation work in the tunnel, 2014 percent of which is completed, the material produced is 300-90 thousand cubic meters, which means about 260 thousand tons of excavation material, that is, 270 thousand truck-time materials have been removed.
Expressing that especially the traffic in the city center will be relieved after the completion of the horseshoe-shaped tunnels, Abdulkadir Uraloğlu, the 2nd Regional Director of Highways, has left about 200 meters of the Konak Tunnels. We aim to finish the drilling of the tunnel by the end of the year. We are planning to open the tunnel in the first half of next year, and we think we will allow the traffic in İzmir to relax. It was a difficult tunnel with everything, but we overcame these difficulties, he said.

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