Examination of the Southern Tunnel Construction in which Migration Occurred

📩 24/11/2018 14:30

An Investigation in the Construction of the Tunnel of the South: The work in the tunnel was stopped following the death of a worker in Rize and the injury of three workers.
Yesterday, Rize-İkizdere highway construction in Rize, a worker died in the tunnel after the construction of three workers were injured. After the work on the construction of the tunnel was stopped by the Rize Chief Public Prosecutor's Office investigation was initiated. According to the reports prepared by the occupational safety experts and civil engineers, the investigations will be completed and submitted to the prosecutor's office.
The case of Birol Tombul, 26, who was injured in the incident and whose condition is severe, continues the treatment in Recep Tayyip Training and Research Hospital. Yusuf Tonbaş, one of the workers in the same hospital, was discharged, and another worker, Mustafa Çom, was hospitalized in Rize State Hospital. 6 53 died in the event of the father of the child Mustafa Çoban XNUMX age of his hometown of Ordu was sent to the town of Unye learned.
Mustafa Çom, who was wounded in the incident, told reporters, om The dent came suddenly. We didn't understand what happened. We could have lost our lives if we hadn't escaped. I'm not under the rubble. While I was saving myself, the tree hit my foot and I got hurt. Dust like dust was mixed together as if there was an earthquake. Olmuş

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