The YHT line's signaling cables

📩 30/11/2018 18:20

Those who stole the signaling cables of the YHT line were red-handed: 3 people who tried to steal the signaling cables passing under the High Speed ​​Train bridge in Ankara Polatlı for a second time were caught by the gendarmerie.

The signaling cables of the YHT line in Polatlı district were stolen.

According to information received, connected to the district Poyraz 20 kilometers from the High-Speed ​​Train (YHT) bridge under the signaling cables that were stolen TCDD officials, reported the situation to the gendarmerie teams.

The gendarmerie teams, who increased the security measures at the scene, caught SE (16), MT (16) and M.G (16) red-handed by coming back to the same place and trying to steal the cables.

The suspects who were taken into custody were released pending trial by the court that they were taken after questioning.

In the meantime, the cable is stolen due to the time of the flight reportedly slowed down.

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