The new wagons of the Izmir subway depart

The new wagons of the Izmir subway depart: The 10 train set composed of the 2 wagons ordered by the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality was completed at the factory in China.

10 train set consisting of 2 wagons ordered by Izmir Metropolitan Municipality for expanding subway system was completed at the factory in China. The new wagons are set to arrive in Izmir at the end of this month and are expected to be in the city within the 1-1.5 month.

In order to meet the increasing needs of the growing metro system with the expanding system and increasing number of passengers, İzmir Metropolitan Municipality will also make a new tender on 17 2014 85 17 train set for December 10. The new sets and the next 172 new wagon will double the total number of wagons in the fleet and reach 26. After the conclusion of the contract and the signing of the contract, all of the trains will be delivered in XNUMX months.

350 bin is currently being transported in İzmir Metro and 280 thousand passengers are transported in İZBAN. This figure corresponds to the 30 of the total number of passengers.

Günceleme: 30/11/2018 18:04

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  1. What is called; ”Successes, good luck, good luck lucky!“
    In the case of public transport only throughout the country, the main problem, which is to be revealed, is the handicap that must be received and signaled by the warning signal: the cities are introducing extreme types of system in public transportation, especially in the purchase of the Wheel-Vehicle-Vehicle. Almost every batch is supplied from another source, originating. This situation does not seem to be a problem for the time being, because in many purchases Maintenance and Repair and spare parts are covered by the supplier / manufacturer's responsibility for a certain period of time. BUT system average life 30-35 a system defined as the year, 10-15 year after, ie, maintenance-repair, supply and STOKMING of the system, considering that the survival of the system, with the responsibility of survival of the business itself, the responsibility of a ball of problems, the system will start it is both a theoretical and experiential fact that survival costs will increase.
    Official supervisory bodies should find a solution to this problem, propose a more effective and logical control mechanism in this regard.