IZBAN problem of hygiene

IZBAN, the problem of hygiene: Izmir suburban line, providing urban rail public transportation system İZBAN passenger coaches in the dirt. Citizens' complaints about the wagons that are not regularly cleaned are increasing every day. İZBAN (İzmir Suburban System), which provides great convenience to citizens in public transportation, has become increasingly troubled in recent days. İZBAN wagons used in passenger transportation are in dirt. Once inside, there is a heavy smell. The seats have changed color due to dirt. The majority of them resent in the black, filthy seats, while the citizens are sitting. The windows of the wagons are not visible from the dirt. Passengers often express their complaints on social media.


The only reason why the İZBAN wagons are in dirt is not the fact that the authorities do not employ personnel for cleaning. Many unconscious passengers are also the reasons for this pollution. Sensitive citizens complaining about this pollution in cars; Te The seats are awful. Even if the authorities clean the seats at least every three months. However, no work is done on this subject. Passengers are forced to sit in the filthy seats. Also full of food packaging, pet bottles, soft drink cans in places. There is not even a warning sheet on the wagons to pay attention to the rules of hygiene. We expect the authorities to bring a solution to this issue as soon as possible çözüm.



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