İZBAN started to carry passengers in the Gulf of Gulf

Izban's Bay Dolphin Started to Carry Passengers: The first of 40 new train sets called Gulf Dolphin, which was tested by İZBAN, which carries out public transportation between Aliağa and Menderes in İzmir, said hello to the people of İzmir on Saturday and carried its first passengers.

The first of 40 new EMU train sets, named Bay Dolphin of İZBAN, completed the trial runs and went on the line shortly before the schools were opened. The Bay Dolphin made its maiden voyage on Saturday at 13:02 between Menemen and Cumaovası. The new set of İZBAN, which sailed in two series consisting of 6 wagons, took its place on the rails 6 times on the first day. While the residents of Izmir showed great interest in the new sets, they were also appreciated with the view of the Bay Dolphin.

The tender for the Gulf Dolphin train sets was completed in January 2012. The contract signing ceremony was held in March 2012 with South Korean Hyundai Rotem which won the tender and the manufacturing started. Completed production sets were sent from South Korea to Adapazarı for installation from June 2013. The first set of Körfez Yunusu was completed in November 2013 and it was sent to Eskişehir-Ankara High Speed ​​Train Line for speed tests. The first of the sets that started their tests in July 2014 in Izmir, came on the tracks on Saturday.

Since the project of developing signaling system carried out by TCDD was completed and more frequent train operations were carried out, Körfez Yunusu will now operate in three series in order to transport more passengers at once. Each set will thus reach a passenger capacity of approximately 2 thousand 250. The tests of the other 12 set in İzmir continue. The completed sets will be put into operation immediately, so that the new set of 120 wagons from İZBAN, 40 will be installed. Every one of the Gulf trains is 70 meters long. When three series of operations are performed, this length reaches the 210 meter. Width in meters 2 95 cm, height cm 3 85 meters trains per hour 140 km / h speed can do.

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