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seafront travel from turkey travel turkey
seafront travel from turkey travel turkey

Denizli Metropolitan Municipality, which made many investments to improve the city tourism by contributing to the promotion of Denizli, also took part in the 12th Travel Turkey İzmir Tourism Fair and Congress. The Metropolitan stand, where the beauties of the city was introduced together with the maritime tourismers, attracted great attention.

Denizli Metropolitan Municipality, which has realized many projects to contribute to Denizli tourism and increase the tourism potential of the city, has also opened a stand at the 12th Travel Turkey Izmir Tourism Fair and Congress. While the visitors to the Denizli stand showed intense interest, the city's attractions such as Pamukkale, Denizli Cable Car, Denizli Ski Center were promoted. 15 hotels affiliated to Denizli Touristic Hoteliers and Operators Association had the opportunity to introduce themselves at Denizli booth. Denizli Municipality Hüdaverdi Head of Department of Culture and Tourism Promotion Otakl of Turkey's Denizli, the Metropolitan Municipality and the world's most important tourism is one of the fairs that they are happy to be a part of this organization, he said they received many return in a positive sense.

Thanks to Osman Zolan

DENTUROD President Gazi Murat Şen said, “As DENTUROD, we are again participating in Travel Turkey Izmir Fair with the contributions of Denizli Metropolitan Municipality. Pamukkale ruins are breaking visitor records again this year. It has reached over 2 million visitors. This is the record of all years. One leg of these is Izmir, and the other is the tourism fair to be held in Istanbul in late January. It is important for us to be here. We will attend the tourism fair to be held in Istanbul with the support of Denizli Metropolitan Municipality. I would like to thank Osman Metropolitan Mayor of Denizli Metropolitan Municipality for his support. ”

Or The more diversified the tourism, the higher the income “

Gazi Murat Şen said, “Diversification of tourism ensures that qualified tourists also come to the city. With the expansion of accommodation opportunities, the city will be an important destination in terms of winter tourism. The summer of Denizli Teleferik and Bağbaşı Plateau is separate and beautiful. Local and foreign tourists coming to Denizli can no longer leave the city without visiting here. The more diversified the tourism, the more the revenues. Everyone is winning in the city. Our city is one of the most beautiful places in our country. We will also raise our goals with the natural beauties it has with its ancient cities. Our first goal is to host 3 million and then 5 million tourists in our city. ”

Fairs increase the number of visitors

Mustafa Gökoğlan, Deputy Secretary General of Denizli Metropolitan Municipality, emphasized that the aim of participating in Travel Turkey Izmir Fair is to promote the beauties of Denizli at home and abroad. Gökoğlan said, “Denizli is an important attraction center with its 19 ancient cities, Denizli Ski Center, Denizli Cable Car and Bağbaşı Plateau, Pamukkale and many other beauties. Following the promotional activities we have done like this, a significant increase is observed in Denizli in terms of domestic and foreign tourists. We strive to increase accommodation with accommodation rather than daily tourism. As Denizli Metropolitan Municipality, we are working to make our city the best city in the world. ”

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