Do we get used to the rail system?

Have we got used to the rail system: With the start of the new era in public transportation in İzmir, the number of passengers in İZBAN's Alsancak and İzmir Metro's Konak-Çankaya-Basmane stations has increased to 100 thousand.

While the number of passengers using the rail system in İzmir increased from 4 million to over 40 million in 100 years, the stations of İZBAN's Alsancak and İzmir Metro's Konak-Çankaya-Basmane became the lifeblood of the city. While the two-rail system serves more than 500 thousand residents of İzmir a day, 100 thousand of the passengers started to use these four stations every day. The fact that the stations are at the center of the city's business centers has increased its strategic importance. In the city center, the most passengers are transported at Alsancak and Konak stations. While 30 thousand Izmir residents use both stations every day, 26 thousand passengers from Çankaya and 12 thousand passengers from Basmane get on and off the trains.

Alsancak Station, especially Izmir Port, Customs, TCDD, plaza employees, students and Kordonboyu regulars prefer. Konak Station, in the very center of the city, is located in the Izmir Courthouse BayraklıDespite moving to Turkey, it maintains its critical importance and every day, it delivers 30 thousand people to their work from official offices and Kemeraltı.

The officials stated that the number of passengers increased rapidly thanks to the start of the new era in İzmir on June 29 and the commissioning of İzmir Metro's Göztepe and Fahrettin Altay stations, “İzmir has one of the largest rail system networks in our country. The rail system length, which is now 101 kilometers, will reach 131 kilometers with the activation of the Torbalı line. At that time, the importance of these four stations will increase, ”he said.

While İzmir Metro has commissioned Evka-2, Ege University, Göztepe, Poligon and Fahrettin Altay stations in the last 3 years, İZBAN has been increasing the number of sets and stations. İZBAN, which started operation with 31 stations and started a new era in transfer thanks to the Hilal Transfer Station, will increase the number of stations to 38 with the activation of the Torbalı line. The number of train sets of İZBAN, which is 43, will increase to 83 with the commissioning of Bay Dolphin, which is still being tested. Thanks to the regulations to be made, the number of passengers on two lines will reach 1 million people per day. In this way, the number of passengers using Alsancak-Konak-Basmane and Çankaya stations will multiply.

Currently, 500 thousand people are transported every day in İzmir's rail systems. When compared to the number of people in İzmir, whose population is close to 4,5 million, the transportation rate reaches 12,5 percent. While only 8 percent of the people in Istanbul prefer the rail system, this rate remains at the level of 5,6 percent in Ankara.

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