Negotiations for Manisa Light Rail System project in progress

Negotiations continue for the Manisa Light Rail System project: Expert teams from China made a presentation to the Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality, Cengiz Ergün, regarding the Light Rail System Project, which is one of the giant projects of Manisa Metropolitan Municipality that will ease the urban traffic. Stating that they are mobilizing for Manisa to achieve this important project, President Ergün said, scrutinizing and weaving this important project, to Manisa. kazanHe said they would go.

One of the giant projects of the Metropolitan Municipality of Manisa, the Light Rail System Project was presented by Cengiz Ergün, Mayor of Manisa Metropolitan Municipality. Municipality Council Hall presentation to the President Ergun, as well as in the Manisa Municipality Secretary General Halil Memiş, Deputy Secretary General Fuad Long, Head Consultant Architect Azmi Açıkdil, Ahmet Turgut, Transportation Department, Head of believers Sea, Support Services Office of the President Hasan Eryilmaz and related company officials attended.

Expressing that they are mobilizing for Manisa to achieve this important project, Manisa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Cengiz Ergün stated that the officials of the relevant company work in many cities in Turkey and are experts in their field, and therefore they asked them to make a presentation about the system. By scrutinizing and weaving, paying attention to the smallest details of the work, we brought the project to Manisa. kazanAdding that they want to increase the traffic, Mayor Ergün said, “When we realize our project, our city will breathe a sigh of relief in terms of traffic.”

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