Construction works at Ulus Train Station hit pedestrians

The construction works at the Ulus Train Station hit the pedestrians: Due to the work, a wall was built at the entrance of Celal Bayar Boulevard of the underpass that provides short pedestrian access from Maltepe to Ulus Train Station. Passengers coming from Ankaray can reach the station by walking about 1.2 kilometers with their suitcases.

With the High Speed ​​Train line, the first stop of the suburban flights at the Ulus Station, passengers, shocked the wall of six pass. Following the construction works for Ankara High Speed ​​Train Station, which is planned to be built on the land between Celal Bayar Boulevard and the existing station building, the underpass providing pedestrian access between Maltepe and Ulus was closed to pedestrians from Celal Bayar Boulevard. Using the subway station to reach the Gar and the underpass after entering the GMK Boulevard citizens passing, towards the end of the road is shocked when they see the wall against them.
After the 20 step to the train station, the citizens reacted to the application by coming out from here, going down to Kazım Karabekir Street and then having to walk about 1.2 kilometers from Hippodrome Street again.

Tradesmen, the citizen can not use the underpass due to the shops become unable to work, said: "The municipality has taken us rent, but the victim was us, before the underpass was closed, our business is very good, now our shops remain empty," he says.


Tandoğan Bazaar Management President Ismail Ceki, the ongoing YHT construction of the tender firm, "life safety can not provide" on the grounds that the underpass closed, said: "Can our security will provide concrete covered walls," he said. Ceki stating that they could not get back to the demands of meeting with the Metropolitan Municipality, they could not give meaning to the wall, officials also said that the tradesmen and citizens were victimized as a result of escaping from solving the problem.


The local shopkeepers hung a paper saying, ine TCDD has victimized people, complain üzerine on the wall of the underpass entrance.

When the pedestrians are closed to the pedestrian part of the underpass with red, dotted yellow lines had to walk the specified path.



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