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Torbali became the logistics base: After CarrefourSA, SHOCK, KIPA, Pehlivanoglu and BIM, A-101 opened its distribution center to Torbali. TTO President Olgun, ıs We are at an important point in terms of transport links to the Mediterranean, Aegean and Marmara. We became the most important investment city of the country. Ül

Torbalı, where great developments took place in every area of ​​the industry, became the focus of attention of the companies thanks to the significant opportunities provided by the transportation. The district, which has all the means of transportation such as air, sea, land and railway, has become attractive for the distribution centers of the companies which have recently become a chain of markets.
the largest supermarket chain in Turkey is establishing its distribution warehouse in the county. After the distribution center of CarrefourSa, which was established on the Kemalpaşa-Torbalı double road and BİM, which started its operations on the Pancar road two years ago, now A-2 has opened the distribution warehouse on the Çapak road. With this investment, the number of distribution centers in the district increased to 101.

”County is growing“
Torbalı's airport 25, the port of 35 to the port indicating that the Torbalı Chamber of Commerce (TTO) President Abdulvahap Olgun district, highway, railway and highway drew attention to connections. Mature, "Very soon we will become Turkey's most important logistics base. İZBAN connection will be in operation in October. I think it will become the most important logistics center of Torbalı along with the ongoing Istanbul-Izmir Highway and Ankara-Izmir high-speed train. Yapım
Mr. Olgun pointed out that Torbalı is an important city in terms of transportation facilities and said, Tor We are at an important point in terms of transport links between Mediterranean, Aegean and Marmara. Torbalı air port 25 kilometers, 35 kilometers away from the port. We have highway, rail and highway connections. İZBAN will be operational in October. I think that with the ongoing Istanbul-Izmir Highway and Ankara-Izmir high-speed train, Torbalı will become an important logistics center. We have already become the most important investment city in the country at the point of furniture, machinery, agriculture-based industry and tobacco processing factories. All these elements are developing and expanding our district Tüm.

24 the size of the football field
Tesco Kipa has the power to distribute annually 12 bin products with Torbalı depot. The main distribution center in Yazıbaşı has been invested with a million dollar investment in 50.
Established on an area of ​​240 thousand square meters, 41 is the most advanced information and technology software used in distribution, shipping and shipment in the distribution center with a thousand square meter closed area. Thanks to the 24 football field-size distribution center, the products are quickly transported to Kipa stores. In the district; Important logistics companies such as Reysaş, Merinos and Mersinler provide transportation services.

2 Big Giant in Beet
1000var the number of stores across Turkey and the distribution warehouse with 400 employees serving DiaSA supermarket chain was founded in Beet neighborhood. Likewise, Pehlivanoğlu's main distribution center is in Pancar. The distribution center serves in an area of ​​100 thousand square meters on 30 decares of land with machines equipped with the latest technology. Distribution center in Turkey in the 7th Torbal Carrefour opened two years ago. This warehouse will serve more than 2 markets in the Mediterranean, Aegean and Southern Marmara regions. Turkey's central distribution warehouse SHOCK Torbal the wolf as many large markets. Every day, a variety of products are shipped to hundreds of stores from the facility established on the Beet road in Ayrancılar.

A-101's choice is in favor of Torbalı
A101 Yeni Mağazacılık A.Ş was established on March 28, 2008. The company, which opened its first market with the A28 brand on April 2008, 101, exceeded its target of “101 markets” in a month and opened its 121st market. A101 markets operated under the concept of "hard discount" offer customers low-priced but high-quality food and consumer goods. The company recently established a new distribution center in Torbalı in order to make shipments to its markets in the Aegean more easily. Every day, dozens of trucks make shipments from the distribution center on the burr road.

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