The first step was taken for the arrival of ro-ro ships in Izmir Port

The first step was taken for the arrival of ro-ro ships to the port of Izmir: From now on, after the containers and cruise ships in the port of Alsancak, the ro-ro ships will also arrive.

Izmir Chamber of Commerce, Maritime Chamber of Commerce, TCDD Izmir Alsancak Port Management, Transportation 3 Regional Directorate, Aegean Customs and Trade Directorate managers, Izmir-Alsancak Port ro-ro and ro-pax ships to reach the consensus, it was decided to work on this issue .

TCDD A meeting was held in Izmir Chamber of Commerce with the participation of the managers of the related institutions on August in Izmir Chamber of Commerce to discuss the works to be provided for the ro-ro and ro-pax type ships in Izmir Alsancak Port.

Chairman of the Board of Directors of İTO, Ekrem Demirtaş, President of the İTO Assembly Rebii Akdurak, İzmir Branch of Izmir Chamber of Commerce Chairman Yusuf Öztürk, Aegean Customs and Trade Regional Manager Captain Kılıç, Transportation 3. Regional Manager Ömer Tekin, TCDD İzmir Alsancak Port Operations Manager Turan Yalçın, TCDD İzmir Alsancak Port Operations Vice Manager Metin Yılmaz, TCDD İzmir Alsancak Port Operation Operation Manager İlhan Orhan, Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Infrastructure Investments General Directorate İzmir Maritime Survey Assistant Chief Engineer Captain, Karavan Tourism General Manager Gianluigi Baltazzi and Izmir Chamber of Commerce experts attended.

Izmir Chamber of Commerce Chairman Ekrem Demirtas, Izmir Alsancak Port of Turkey's most important container and the side that export port as 2004 years since that it is a cruise port that can accommodate more passengers every year, he said.

Demirtaş said, ax Another important area in passenger and cargo transportation is the ro-ro and ro-pax type vessels where the passengers and the trucks and the cars are transported together. Until 2000 was interrupted in this way, Libyan ships were coming to Izmir and contributing greatly to the city economy. Libyans bought everything from our city to white goods to furniture, even getting their cars repaired here. Unfortunately, both us and the outside of the reasons for these reasons were interrupted. In the last 5-6 year, there were many demands from domestic and foreign companies for the ships to come back to Alsancak Port. Son

Due to the location of Izmir, South Aegean, North Aegean, Adriatic and Eastern Mediterranean direction of the cargoes can be easily transferred and transported in a port city is reminded that the entire region is recognized Demirtaş, yön Therefore shipowners from various countries Izmir-Thessaloniki, Izmir-Piraeus, Izmir-Alexandroupolis, Izmir-Volos and Izmir-Libya, such as transportation is important in terms of the lines that want to open, "he said.

Demirtas, now ro-ro and ro-pax ships can perform operations in accordance with the TIR entrance-exit operations can be done at the port of Alsancak Port is not clear, such a door opening, ro-ro and ships in our country, Izmir, import and export industry located in TCDD said that it would make a very positive contribution to the operations of İzmir Alsancak Port as well as ITO members.

Demirtas, these requests to the relevant institutions in the beginning of June after the first meeting held with the regional offices of the relevant Ministries in the port infrastructure and technical deficiencies, and recommendations for the operation of the operation is presented in a healthy and started studies, he said.

In the second meeting held in IZO on August, 12 stated that Izmir Alsancak Port was evaluated and it was determined that ro-ro and ro-pax ships could dock at the port.

Demirtas, said:
In In principle, it was agreed that ships could in principle be accepted. It was decided to give a new service to the port in such a way that the container and cruise operations would not be blocked.

At the end of the meeting, it was decided to establish a technical team by the institutions and organizations participating in the meeting for the ro-ro and ro-pax ships to be hosted in Izmir and the technical team to organize the area where the ships will come to be functional. The team will start working as soon as possible. After these studies, I believe that the ro-ro and ro-pax ships will come to Izmir again. Çalış

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