Asphalt Works in Rod Continues

📩 24/11/2018 14:09

Asphalt Works in Çubuk Continues: Çubuk Municipality Mayor Lokman Özden said that the road, pavement and asphalt works in Çubuk continued unabated and that the center continued to work in the neighborhoods.
Mayor Lokman Özden said that they have successfully carried out the development and road building works, and that the road building and asphalting works are continuing in parallel with the infrastructure works carried out in the district. An advanced Bar for a planned, meticulous work that they continue to work with President Özden, '' our work on the road after our work continues. In the places where the infrastructure has been completed, we are continuing our road leveling works and paving works with great care. As the weather warms, we start the asphalt season without a break from day to day, '' he said.
Reminded that Çubuk has a very large area, Mayor Özden emphasized that they have been working on expanding and opening the roads in many villages, which are not settled until today. Finally, the road to the opening and expansion of the small Ali neighborhood investigations that they have made the President Özden, '' all of our district is thirsty for service. Even on the roads where the tractor could not pass, our people have survived to this day under difficult conditions. Our teams connected to the Directorate of Science Affairs, as well as expanding the roads and material laying process has also realized. All the units have been working day and night without stopping. Especially in these studies, the greatest support and contribution to us is undoubtedly given by our Mayor Mr. Melih Gökçek Bey. I am thanking him and his colleagues on behalf of my county '' he said.
Emphasizing that the work is continuing with the warming of the weather, President Özden noted that the road construction and expansion work in Küçük Ali Neighborhood has been completed and the work continues in the Çavunudur Districts in Aşağı Çavunudur. President Özden, gave the following information about the ongoing work.
Yavuz Selim Mahallemizde ending in the sub-structure, Sümbül, Zeybek, Bukhara, Menzil, Camlica, Praise, Martyr Lieutenant Ahmet Ozturk, Narin, Izzet Preservation, Mufti Ayaz, Selimiye, Can, Park and Pilevne in the streets asphalting work is completed, Deva and Fidanlık on the streets, our teams continue paving. As of the beginning of this year, our teams continued their paving works with great care and carried out 7 tons asphalt pavement in the 8 neighborhood. In addition to the asphalting works, our teams are working on road paving in our neighborhoods. 15 911 meter reconstruction construction, 2011 bin 30 meter regeneration construction, 4 bin 423 cubic meter opening maintenance, 100 bin 853 meter cube excavation purchase, 25bin 870 meter pavement repair, 11 bin 205 meter pavement construction, 7 bin 278 meter curb slab and 14 neighborhood maintenance work continued in the neighborhood.
President Özden, 15-18 2011 7 XNUMX dates back to a giant construction site. International Rod Pickles and Culture Festival, trying to collect up to add.


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