TCDD will pay compensation to open barrier accident

TCDD will pay compensation in open barrier accident: 15 thousand pounds compensation in Göktaş case, which crashed on the train because the barriers were not closed.

İsmet Göktaş, who was wounded by the train that made a trial flight between Alsancak and Cumaovası four years ago in İZMİR's Kahramanlar neighborhood since the barriers were not closed, won the compensation case against the General Directorate of TCDD Enterprise. The Administrative Court ruled that Göktaş will be paid 15 thousand liras.

TCDD's train, which was machined by Ramazan Uğur and Uğur Gümüş, hit the minibus under the direction of İsmet Göktaş, who tried to cross the level crossing at the entrance of Kahramanlar 1517 street four years ago. Göktaş was injured in the accident. After the accident, Cengiz Özbekler, who was tasked with closing the barrier at the level crossing, was delayed in closing the barriers because the train went to the toilet while the train was coming, and the machinists Ramazan Uğur and Uğur Gümüş were sentenced to demand a prison sentence of 2 to 5 years due to speed control by approaching the level crossing. opened. While this lawsuit was ongoing, Göktaş's lawyer, Hakan Ağcakanat, filed a lawsuit against the General Directorate of TCDD Operations at the İzmir 50th Administrative Court, demanding a moral compensation of 5 thousand liras.


Cengiz Özbekler, who was tried pending trial in the 5th trial of the criminal case at the İzmir 3th Criminal Court of Peace, and Hakan Ağcakanat, the lawyer of İsmet Göktaş, who was injured in the accident, attended. Other detained defendants Ramazan Uğur and Uğur Gümüş did not come. In the defense of the defendant Cengiz Özbekler, “I work as a level crossing guard. The train that had the accident arrived outside the specified time. I was in the toilet for need. At that moment, I heard the whistle of the train. I couldn't catch up to close the barriers. ” Judge Ali Yücer read the report from the Istanbul Forensic Medicine Institute Traffic Specialization Department at the hearing. In the report, the barrier officer Cengiz Özbekler noted that 'subordinate', minibus driver İsmet Göktaş's 'principal' and TCDD's General Directorate were very poor in secondary service, and the other two defendants were flawless. The judge concluded the case and sentenced Cengiz Özbekler to 22 months and XNUMX days in prison, then postponed his sentence. He decided on acquittal of two other defendants.


Attorney Hakan Ağacakanat, in his petition to İzmir 5th Administrative Court, with the request that his client İsmet Göktaş was injured as a result of the collision of the train and that he could not work as before and that there was no one to care for his family, the TCDD Operation General The 50 thousand lira compensation lawsuit he filed against the Directorate was concluded after the criminal case. In the compensation case before the 5th Administrative Court of Izmir, the plaintiff İsmet Göktaş said, “The TCDD General Directorate, which is responsible for the operation of the level gate, contributed to the occurrence of the incident and was defective in the incident, by attempting to pass despite the barriers that were descending, TCDD General Directorate of Subsidiary Service, by mentioning that only the guard should not trust the train to hear the passage of the train, to secure the situation with a telephone connection, the institution is acting cautiously and carelessly by doing so, contributing to the occurrence of the incident, there is a service defect. He decided that he had a defect. For this reason, TCDD's claimant İsmet Göktaş was awarded a compensation of 15 thousand lira. İsmet Göktaş's lawyer Ağcakanat stated that they found the compensation provided by the court to a small extent, and made an appeal to the Regional Administrative Court.



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