Izmir metro is entrusted to Allah

Izmir metro is entrusted to God: In the first expedition, worrying images were observed. The wetness caused by the water leaking from the tunnel walls between Göztepe and Poligon stations, which had two tunnel ruptures due to water pressure, drew attention.

Despite the negative reports and images, İzmir Metropolitan Municipality opened the remaining two stations of Üçyol-Üçkuyular Metro, Poligon and Fahrettin Altay. In the first expedition, which was held with the participation of Metropolitan Mayor Aziz Kocaoğlu and the district mayors, alarming images were observed. Between Göztepe and Polygon Stations, where the tunnel was ruptured twice due to water pressure, wetness due to leaking water was observed on the tunnel walls. In addition, on the way to Fahrettin Altay from Göztepe Station, it did not go unnoticed that the drainage line was incised on the right side of the tunnel at the end of the platform. When it came to the polygon station, it was observed that puddles were formed on the concrete floor on which high-tension rails sit. Authorities argued that these wetness leaked from water pipes and stated that they called a repairman.

Doors not opened
Meanwhile, there was a stampede during the press release made by Kocaoğlu after getting off at Fahrettin Altay station. A collapse occurred in the grass laid on the ground by the Metropolitan Municipality for the square arrangement. While the feet of the citizens were buried in the mud, the lawns laid suffered greatly. After the announcement, Kocaoğlu and his entourage got on the metro again. The doors of some wagons were not opened with the train stopped before the announcement to be made at the polygon station. Citizens staying in the wagon had to turn the emergency handle and open the doors. Kocaoğlu and his entourage took the train and came to Konak after the explanation here.

End of the disaster can end
The report, which was prepared by the Department of Civil Engineering of the Middle East Technical University, revealed that the department where Fahrettin Altay and Polygon stations are located is open to dangers that will end with a disaster. In the report prepared by the Contractor Öztaş firm, it was determined that the calculations of the tunnels were made incorrectly and that water pressure and seismicity were ignored while the project was drawn. As a result, the subway tunnel ruptured twice in a row, first on 3 May 2011 and then on 18 July 2012. In the part of the tunnel between the Polygon and Fahrettin Altay stations, the base part where the rails were to be laid was made without calculating the water pressure, so it could not bear the pressure from below and was broken. The section of the tunnel between the Polygon and Fahrettin Altay stations was covered with water when the structure named "Isolation", which was built under the floor that raised 140 centimeters and was manufactured to protect the reinforced concrete structure from water, was torn. Metropolitan completed the construction after these disruptions, and recently announced that trial voyages had begun.

Metro protest from Pazarcı
On the other hand, when İzmir Metropolitan Mayor Aziz Kocaoğlu got off at Fahrettin Altay station, he encountered the protest of the tradesmen who set up a stall at Üçkuyular Bazaar. Marketers protested Kocaoğlu, claiming that their benches were removed and the places where they set up benches were excavated. The marketers, who booed Kocaoğlu, demanded that the area they set up a bench be given back to them. Balçova Mayor Mehmet Ali Çalkaya also reacted to the activist marketers that Kocaoğlu had discussed. In a statement made after the discussion, Kocaoğlu criticized the protesters with a harsh word and claimed that they did not like Izmir. Kocaoğlu said, “As you can see today, a group of marketers in Üçkuyular protested even though the Metropolitan Municipality had nothing to do with the markets. I know who is organizing these, who is doing these ugly things, who they are. We will not do business behind closed doors. People who dare to break the opening of the subway, which we have been dealing with for 10 years with various directions, who have such a mental problem, who try to undermine such a great service to the city, cannot love Izmir. They do not make peace with Izmir, ”he said.

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