Sevastopol and Yaltaâ € ™ s world's longest trolleybus will combine the line

Sevastopol and Yalta will join the world's longest trolleybus line: Deputy Governor Sevastopol Sergey Litvinov said the government of Sevastopol wants to start the longest trolleybus journey from Belbek airport to Yalta.

In case of realization of the project, a trolleybus line of more than 90 kilometers will be installed. Transport Minister Maksim Sokolov made a statement earlier on this issue, the world's longest trolleybus line, starting from Yalta, Crimea's capital, Simferopolo'i connecting the 80 kilometers of trolleybus reported that the line.

The Belbek-Yalta line will be one of the rare trolleybus lines of Russia that connects many regions. At the moment the work on it continues in full swing.

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