Manisa trolleybus project will be realized in three years

Manisa trolleybus project will be realized within three years: Cengiz Ergün, Mayor of Manisa Metropolitan Municipality, has been informed about the trolleybus project which they are planning to implement in the city center and the works prepared by the related companies in order to gather transportation under a single roof. Expressing that they have taken important steps at the transportation point, President Ergun, ı Manisalılar get comfortable. The Metropolitan Municipality is aware of the responsibility for transportation. Recently we will face our people with new projects that will solve the annual transportation problem of our province 20 Yakın.
Manisa Metropolitan Municipality, which continues to take decisive steps at the transportation point in Manisa, focused on the projects that will relax the transportation network in the whole period. In this context, the Mayor of Manisa Metropolitan Municipality Cengiz Ergun received information about the table about the collection of transportation under a single roof in addition to the trolleybus project planned to be realized in the city center. Mr. Ergün, Secretary General of the Metropolitan Municipality, Deputy Secretary General Aytaç Yalçınkaya, Head of Transportation Mümin Deniz, General Manager of MANULAŞ, Mehmet Oluklu, Chairman of the Board of Inspectors Ahmet Türkgüler, and Chairman of Terminals Branch Emin Keçeci representatives of company officials joined together. In the first session of the meeting, which is planned to be realized in the city transportation, the company has presented the report prepared by the company to President Ergün and especially the transportation and service use in Manisa was mentioned. In the second session of the meeting, another company talked about the studies on transportation that concern the whole of the province.

Cengiz Ergün, the Mayor of Manisa Metropolitan Municipality, who made an evaluation after the presentations made by the companies, stated that they were in a study covering the year of 20 at the transportation point of Manisa. We listened. We are working on projects related to better access to the inner city, OIZ and Muradiye Campus in order to get better service from our people in Manisa. Man

Reminding that they had taken a step before the implementation of the trolleybus project in Manisa, President Ergün said, üs We are working intensively in bringing the trolleybuses to our city in the next two or three years. The trolleybus line, which starts with the new bus station and plans to connect to the OSB and Muradiye in the city, will greatly relax the urban transportation in Manisa. Yeni

In the transportation project in Manisa, under the name of Kentkart application in urban transportation under the name of the application is renewed President Ergun, “As it is known in the city 35 transformation has been made for years and 168 tool was put into service. At the point of moving our people living in Muradiye Campus and Muradiye to the city center recently, 69 vehicles, which are suitable for the use of our citizens with disabilities, are now in service. As Metropolitan Municipality we are aware of our responsibility in transportation. At this point, we take solution-oriented steps, Bu he said.

In addition to the districts in Manisa, in order to serve the settlements that have been transformed from the village into the neighborhood, President Ergün heralded that the new vehicle will be bought by 70. The amount of 16,5 Million TL of these vehicles to be purchased through State Material Office was invested in the relevant institution. The lines of our vehicles were determined. In our meeting today, we made a general evaluation on this issue. these vehicles will also be solved with the transportation problems of our districts in the field. bu

President Ergün stated that the public transportation use in Manisa mainly occurred in the city center as a result of the research, and said uc Especially the workers who go to OIZ in the city center are using the services extensively. This is causing traffic disruptions. For this reason, we need to take steps to encourage public transport. Again in Manisa, the use of motorcycles is quite high compared to other provinces. We made the necessary evaluations on these issues. In the coming period, we aim to make these meetings more frequent and implement our projects. Manicans get comfortable. Metropolitan Municipality is aware of the responsibility of transportation and taking firm steps in this direction. I am working on the transportation point and thank those who contributed to this work, "he said.

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