50 meter asphalt astonishes

The 50-meter asphalt surprises those who see it: The citizens were surprised that only 50 meters of asphalt was laid on Ordu Street in Sivas's Suşehri district.
The secret of covering the 50-meter part of the road that starts with a parquet on Ordu Street and continues with soil cannot be solved with asphalt. Some citizens used the following statements in the face of the situation that the local tradesmen and citizens living on the street could not understand:
“We could not make sense to leave a certain area as soil from the point where the parquet works carried out near Köse Süleyman Mosque, where the ongoing infrastructure works in our district have been completed, and then to make asphalt on an area of ​​50 meters. Soil areas sometimes become mud, clean places are fine. We couldn't understand what they did this study for, for whom. Okay, studies are continuing, but we couldn't understand why asphalt material was laid on the road of only 50 meters ”.
It was claimed that the teams belonging to the district special administration were working on the 50 meter area on Ordu Street.

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