The Kaynarca Melekbaba Line of the Malatya Northern Belt Road Is Served

Mayor of Malatya Metropolitan Municipality Hacı Uğur Polat: We have paved the way for the Northern generations of Kaynarca-Melekbaba line. After that, we will connect your way to the Battalgazi road through the viaduct project.

He worked asphalt paving works between Kaynarca and Melekbaba road of Malatya Metropolitan Municipality, which is continuing its asphalt works intensively.

The 13.3 (12.1) road, which has a total length of XNUMX kilometers, completed the work on the Kaynarca-Melekbaba line of the Metropolitan Municipality, offering the XNUMX km section to the service of the Malatians.

After the excavation and filling works, the 1.3 kilometer section was covered with hot asphalt. In the Melekbaba-Hanımınçiftliği line, the project works are in full swing. With the viaduct project that will connect the road to the road of Battalgazi, the final stage of the belt road will be completed. Interviews continue for the destruction of the 1.3 building in the 77 kilometer section.

Development will accelerate

Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Hacı Uğur Polat, who frequently studies the works of the Northern Belt, said that they made the last stages of the generations of the roads that will ease the urban traffic in Malatya.

Polat stated that the North belt road will be connected to the new ring road and said, ya We are very careful in implementing road projects that will contribute to the healthy growth of Malatya. North and South generation road projects come at the top of them. We opened the Kaynarca-Melekbaba line of our North generations by paving. After that, we will connect your way to the Battalgazi road through the viaduct project. Project work continues. When the vehicles coming from the east of Malatya are going to go to Sivas, they will be able to go through the northern belt road without getting into the city traffic. In addition, development will accelerate in regions where our way. We study every project that will benefit humanity. We are in contact with expert teams, individuals and institutions. We will continue to work for Malatya. Mal

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